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Semen Dies When It Hits the Air?

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I have been reading post and I hear people saying semen dies when it hits the air. I dont think this is true. I went to yahoo and it took me to different websites and they said semen doesnt die as soon as it hits the air it could live for up to five hours. So is it possible to get pregnant by rubbing it in your vagina if he cums on your stomach. I found this interesting because I read a post by girl name wildfire and she said she was doing this I just found it strange. I not trying to say anything bad about her I was just curious if it is possible to get pregnant by this

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replied December 19th, 2003
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Your right semen does not (caps) die when it hits air. Even air enters the vagina and if this were true then no one would be able to get pregnant! As long as they are semi-lubricated they can as you said stay alive for approximately 5 hours (give or take some time as well as taking into consideration your actions throughout those hours). This myth is a huge misconception!
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