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I have severe anxiety that i've had for yrs. Anyways its gotten alot worse since I have become pregnant an I was wondering if this problem could hurt my baby in any way? Im about 12wks and I want everything ta go great. Should I talk ta someone?
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replied December 19th, 2005
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I have had severe anxiety for years, and it has gotin far wores since iv been pregnant. I am now 18wks pregnant my doc. Knows about my anxiety and has not said anything about it. So im going to take it as no it wont really efert the baby. Now what im going to do is ask my doc. My next aptt. If theres anything I can do to help with my anxiety. It is geting to the point were I cant go out or get on buses.

I say talk to your doc. About it and see what he/she says. It cant hurt to ask. You never know they might be albe to help you control it.
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replied December 20th, 2005
I Used to Have Anxiety Too
It took me a couple of years but you know how I fought it? With prayer. I know that sounds cheesy, but look. Who's the one person always sure to be in your corner. Who's "got your back" so to speak.

Anxiety and depression run in my family and I was determined not to let doctors tell me I just need to take a pill. I still battle it from time to time. Have to just get away from a crowded room immediately some times.

But now i'm 7 weeks pregnant and i'm fighting the battle for my baby. I won't let anxiety win.

Keep strong. You won't always be perfect, but your baby will appreciate your calm.
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replied December 21st, 2005
I had an apt. W/ my ob, and she perscribed me zoloft...Its safe and she said it will help me be more comfortable during my pregnancy so I can enjoy it w/out all the worrying, and feeling like i'm gonna die or freak out!! I have been taking it for about 7 days now and it seems ta be working great, I went from haveing anxiety all day to haveing it 2 times and sometimes one time a day....Good luck to the rest of you :)
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