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My Hands Keep Turning Red?

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Lately, my hands have been turning very red on the top of them. Its happened before a little bit but never caused me much worry or discomfort. Lately though, its gotten so a larger area turns red and they feel like they burn. Its just in a certain area on the tops of my hands. Washing them with soap burns badly also. When its not bothering me and not very red, theres just a small light reddish spot on them that feels rough like the skin is dry or something. Could stress cause this? Please help im beginning to worry.
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replied December 10th, 2003
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Your problem may well be very dry skin, which will react to washing your hands and will also turn red and hurt.

Don't wash your hands too frequently and when you do try and use a moisturising hand wash rather than soap.

Apply a hand lotion at night on an ongong basis will also help.

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