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Im So Confused !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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I now have sharp twingy pains in my lower abdominals,(not period pains)
i also have alot of mucus down below????
Are these signs?????
Please answer I have another three days to wait till I can test!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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replied December 9th, 2003
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Sharp twiggy pains can be anything from gas, indegestion to minstrual cramps you havent yet experienced. I am pregnant for my third time and I do not recall ever having sharp pains until the end of second trimester and that is due to effacing and my muscles stretching.
When you are pregnant yes your discharge will become thicker than normal. As well as more than normal. Hve some patience and take your test. There are tests out there that you can take early. I recomend the ept (error proof test). What ever it is you want good luck. Cool
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replied December 10th, 2003
The hardest thing is waiting! Trust me. I have wasted so much money on pregnancy tests and stress on not knowing only to start my period the next day! Good luck. Let me know and hang in there!
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