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Sweet Semen?

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Hi guys-
hope you dont mind that I am on your board. (being a girl, I mean)
i just thought that I would share a little tip with anyone who may be interested...

If any of you guys have a problem with "sour" tasting pre-cum or cum, than you may want to change your diet. My husband and I have found that dark green vegetables make his semen taste sweet or have no taste at all. I really love to go down on him, and it makes me so horny, and makes him hard as a rock, which in turn makes sex pure exstacy.

So, if this is an issue for you, than maybe this will work for you too!

Good luck,
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First Helper A-Lil'Mama*2

replied January 2nd, 2004
Sweets For the Sweets
Have to agree with lil mama 2.......It's all in what you eat that makes it sweet...And no sugar does not help the taste infact it hinders it...The sweeter you eat the sour the taste....It's in the green veggies...Thats why mom says " eat your greens ....They're good for you"....She knew what she was talking about.... :d
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replied January 4th, 2004
Experienced User
Yeap>>> !
It's not just the greens it's the vegetables I tried that on my hubby without hem knowing and I found that out.... Just try a good salad ! Wink
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