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Rectum Pressure Frequent Urination

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I was in an accident a year and a half ago, I now have pressure in my rectum, and find my self with bladder discomfort, I have had a colnoscopy, a cystoscopic, sonograms, ultra sounds every test has come back negative, so far everything has come back to my back injury, damaged nerves, I feel like im loosing my mind, I have never experienced anything like this before the accident I feel like im living in a nightmare, if anyone has any info please help, I know in men its called prostatitis, can your nerves really cause so much discomfort. Help
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replied December 4th, 2003
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The symptoms you have experienced are more likely due to be due to bad effects of injury. Though there may not be any obvious pathological changes only sentient nerves could be involved and cause those symptoms.

Homoeopathic medicine has good formulations to relieve the bad effects of injury and those symtpoms you are suffering from.
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