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When Should I Call the Doctor/take Pregnancy Test

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I have been on the pill for over 5 years with a couple months off during that time period. Since i've been on the pill, my period has been very regular. I start at the same time every month with in a few hours. I am three days late now. I've had a bad cold, which has shortened my periods when i've had illnesses in the past. I admit that over the past few months that I haven't taken my pills necessarily on time because i've had some problems with nausea, but I haven't missed any. My husband and I want children, but we were planning on waiting a year or two more. If I am pregnant, we would want to have the baby though. When can I take a pregnancy test that would be accurate? Should I call the doctor regardless since I never miss a period? I am suppose to start up the regular pills again on sunday. I've heard that this can be harmful to a prenancy so should I not take them if I am still not bleeding at all.
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replied November 30th, 2003
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I would wait until you are suppose to start your new pill pack and call your doctor. Some pills with high estrogen levels will cause missed periods, but if you have been on the same pill for five years this wouldn't be the case. However, after I was on the pill for five years I had to switch pills because I started have breakthrough bleeding and irregular periods. Maybe the same thing is causing you to miss yours. But to be sure, I would call your doctor and see if they recommend a test.
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