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Dizzy Spells After Sex

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Hello all, right after I had sex with my gf, she started experiencing dizzy spells when she jerked her head. The next day when she was still having the dizzy spells, we went to her doc, in which he stated that her vertigo could be caused by a couple things from stress to viral infections. Would a virus show symptoms right after been infected? Since we had just finished having sex when she started having the dizzy spells I am worried that maybe I infected her with some kind of viral infection (i had a cold a couple weeks ago, so could had still had that in my system]

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replied August 25th, 2005
That happened to me once. I didn't know what was going on. Three weeks later I found out I was pregnant. The day I conceived was the day I had the dizzy spell right after sex (and the next 2 days)
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replied August 29th, 2005
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Before you start worrying about being pregnant, take a moment to think. What positions were you having sex in? How vigorous was the sex? How long was the encounter? How much had you eaten in the hours before, how much water?

There are many reasons for being light headed. Yes, pregnancy could be one, but don't jump so soon. Try to think about what could had caused this and ask yourself the questions that I did. Please post some of the answers.
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