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Just Jumping! Haha

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replied November 23rd, 2003
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Hey sweetie,
wow im really sorry for your loss....That is be difficult...But maybe it was meant to happen ya kno ?? U will be a great mom some day just not right now ya kno? Hang in there and if u wana talk you can pm me much love and god bless!!

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replied November 24th, 2003
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Not sure how I would feel, god works in mysterious ways though, and if it wasnt meant to be then that is why it didnt happen for you. I am sad because you arent able to experience the joy of having a child now, but there is always later..Later when you are out on your own and happy. Learn from this, some people dont. Get your mind, body, and life under control. If you dont want a baby be mature about the situation. Good luck in your future, I hope to talk to you soon!!

Loads of love, laughter and joy!!
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