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Tampon Stuck

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I find myself in the embarrassing position of having a tampon lodged beyond my reach in my uterus. Embarassed
i was spotting yesterday and put in a slim tampon.
Late last night, my husband and I had intercourse and I had forgotten about the tampon, which was pushed higher inside by the act.
I have not started flowing heavily yet, which may or may not help it come down.
I can feel it with the tip of my finger but cannot move it one way or the other.
Should I go to the hospital?
It's saturday and my gynocologist office is closed.
How long should I wait to get help?
Please help if you can.
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replied November 22nd, 2003
Extremely eHealthy
crap-that dont sound right. U need 2 visit ur doc asap cos u cud get a bad infection from that.Dont have intercourse til this is sorted ouyt.Gud luck
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replied November 22nd, 2003
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Toxic Shock Syndrome...
Hy ryt,

it is very important that you get yourself to the nearest hospital as soon as possible. The tampon that is stuck will cause an infection very quickly, and could possibly even lead to toxic shock syndrome, the symptoms being sudden onset of high fever, vomiting or diarrhoea, nausea, headaches or muscular pains, fainting and dizziness, and sometimes a rash like sunburn can appear. Toxic shock syndrome can be fatal if it's not treated in the early stages, that is why I stress to you how important it is you get to a hospital to have the tampon removed. The hospital will treat it as serious, and you will be treated immediately, they will be aware of how urgently you require medical attention.

Good luck...

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