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Cant Feel My Heart Beating

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I recently had an anxiety attack..Or at least it was 2 weeks ago..The doc put me on ambien to help me sleep because I would freak out because it felt like I was goign to die. I then went to go work out for the first time in 3 weeks today..And im only 19...I could not feel my heart beating fast at all..My breathing wasnt really even going with my heart. I was still okay but it hurt my chest, heart and neck and I could feel my heart throbbing hard in my neck. I looked down at my chest after I worked out and it was thumbing up and down pretty hard and fast like it wanted to come out. Thats not really cool..Can a panic attack have after effects of things like these?
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replied June 19th, 2005
Re: Can't Feel My Heart Beating
You really must contact your Dr. To let him or her know what you are feeling and all of your concerns, because of what was prescribed for you, you should also always be aware of the side effect of medication. Please contact your Dr. If you are still feeling the symptoms.

God bless you
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