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What Is Wrong With Me???

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I have multipul symptoms like a flu like illness heavy head like a cold fluid in my ears preasure down my spine.I feel heavy like my body is holding in fluid.I have fluid in my joints.I get breathless.My bones hurt.My muscles ache and burn.I feel stiff like a board.My muscles go into spasms.I get cramp.I also get a crawling like feeling on my skin and tigly feelings acompanied with itching.Am scared because am always unwell.I also feel alergic to my enviroment.I also suffer from heatburn.Tempatures and feeling hot inside like am on fire.I have so many symptoms its unberlievable
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replied May 29th, 2005
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So sorry! Sounds like a lot is going on...Please go see your physician for an eval and check it out.
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