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Can Someone Please Help !!!!

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Hi can anyone help me?
I have been on the pill for the past 10 years my husband and I have decided to start a family so I have stopped taken the pill,i had'nt finished the full pack, the following day I started bleeding for about 5 days, the date of this was the 29th april,however my last period while on the pill was the 11th april i'm confused as to what my actual period date is, should it be 28 days from the 11th of april or from the 29th april just so I obviously know if i'm late on my period when I hopefully fall pregnant?
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replied June 7th, 2005
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Well since you've been on the pill for such a long time it takes a while for your body to reajust itself. You need to get a couple of consecutive periods to see what kind of cycle you're on. But in this time frame of waiting you can get pregnant b/c you have no way of knowing your cycle. So if you're ready have fun trying if not be careful. B/c this happened to me with my second child. Off the pill and zapp I was pregnant
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