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August 10th, 2012
So thankful for the Internet and it's forums because I freaked out when I started gagging just from swallowing... And I felt like I wanted to throw up!!! AAAAHHHH!!! My hanging ball thing in my throat is swollen!! What the hell do I do?! I have had a mild case of INSOMNIA lately... So that probably isn't helping it either?! I can't even drink cold water without gagging... Crap!!! I'm going to try all of everyone's advice... From gargling warm salt water, warm drinks and trying ibprofen... Which I might say I'm scared of trying to swallow them!!! Any one with advice for the first timer on these things and first timer of having a swollen uvilla?! HELP ME PLEASE!! I'm scared to sleep!!!
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replied October 4th, 2012
hi all, i woke up 3days ago with my throat feeling really thick with phlegm, i looked in the mirror n although my uvula wasn't swollen or anything it had developed a white lump on the end of it, i absolutely s**t my self! i went 2 the chemist n they advised difflam spray, up to now that hasnt done much, i also got some throat sweets which just cool it down. the next day i woke up with a sore thorat so it had gotten worse i went 2 the doctors, she also hadn't seen anything like this and prescribed me penicillin, i have been taking the antibiotics for 2days and so far nothing has changed, i now have developed a cold Sad really getting me down Sad i have just gargled salt water which seems to soothe it for a bit, i just want this lump to go. Also i hadnt been drinking, smoking bud and i don't snore! strange :/
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replied November 14th, 2012
Chronic swollen Uvula, considering having it removed.
I've repeatedly suffered from having a swollen uvula since I was a kid. Back then the doctors assured me it was allergies and to make it go away simply take an anti-histamine and eat cold items ie ice cream. This remedy absolutely works each time, however I'm looking for a permanent solution. So anyone experiencing this after a heavy night of drinking and smoking this will fix you up in a matter of a couple hours. However, I am also a heavy snorer (nickname is chainsaw) but I'm not overweight nor do I suffer from sleep apnea (never diagnosed at least). The issue with me is that it's occurring more frequently. And in addition to my uvula hanging down and tickling the back of my tongue until I dry heave and vomit repeatedly, the rest of my throat seems to close as well, making it very difficult to breath. Tonight was the last straw as I was playing basketball (very warm dry air) and because of all my mouth breathing my throat closed to the point that I was actually nervous. I recently read that people have had their uvula removed but that sometimes scar tissue can form, which will actually make the snoring worse... though solving the uvula problem. Has anyone had the surgery to remove the uvula altogether? Any doctors out there who perform this procedure? I would like to get more information regarding the success rate of this procedure WITHOUT going to the doctor, who not only charges for the visit, but financially benefits from elective surgery. Success rates I have seen vary so dramatically throughout the internet that I can't make a decision.
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replied June 18th, 2013
elongated uvula
surprisingly,this condition is not an isolated case because it affects many more people.i in particular find it even hard to toothbrush in the early morning immediately after waking up as i feel like throwing up.however, the situation clears within an hour on its own.the posts i have read are very encouraging.
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replied May 26th, 2014
Hi All,

I'm 35, male, and just had my uvula (didn't know what it was until I read this forum; namely, because I thought it was my tonsil) drop to my tongue. Here's my story: I had my apartment flood with a couple inches of water a couple days ago during a flash flood. The carpets are old, and so is the complex. The carpeting is still wet, it's may 26, and we don't have the AC going yet, so it's muggy, humid, and hot inside the apartment. Anyway, my wife told me to take 1 part peroxide, 1 part dawn dish soap, and one part vinegar, and mix it up to treat the carpets (sprinkling baking powder on top to get rid of odor). After doing this, it was around 9 am. I went to bed. I'm a writer and so my sleep schedule is not normal. I woke about two o'clock, from lying on my back; probably snoring. I'm a bit over weight from a sedentary lifestyle. Anyway, when I awoke I noticed my left side of the back of my throat felt like it was a bit raspy/dry. I thought to my self, "Great. I'm just getting over one cold, and now I'm getting a swore throat. How annoying!" Anyway, I was a bit groggy, the light was still off, so I just shut my eyes and went back to sleep. When I awoke it was two hours later and 4 pm in the afternoon. I felt my throat dried out, and still like I was getting a swore throat, but it wasn't itchy or over inflamed or anything like that, just felt like the coming on of something more serious to come. So I went to the bathroom, and felt like I had to cough out some mucous but nothing would come out. It still felt that way so I continued. Then I got this realization that something wasn't quite right. I sort of pictured in my mind my throat was swollen. I tried looking in the big bathroom mirror, but the lighting was dim and I couldn't see down my throat. I grabbed a smaller mirror and holding it just right with the light hitting it I could see that my 'UVULA' was handing down on my tongue, and was a deep red color. It looked really weird to say the least. I then shifted my thinking to if this thing was something I could be concerned with. It's "Memorial Day" today, and Primary Care and doctor's offices are closed. I sort of panicked at the thought of having to go to the Emergency room, but I kept thinking, "What happens if this thing swells and I cannot breath?...Then I'd really have a problem." Or, "What happens if I go to sleep later and never wake up from?" Again, I little scary to consider! So I went online and started probing around and found this site, and others. From the home remedies, to doctor's advices, here's what I've done: (a) I gargled repetitively for about 30 - 45 minutes straight with warm salt water solution. I added in a lot of salt! Maybe half a standard shaker to a quarter cup of water, and kept repeating. Then I went to the pharmacy, and picked up: (a) a 24 pack of bottled water, (b) throat spray (two types; one was honey, the other berry), (c) half-gallon of bluebell cookie dough ice cream, (d) ibuprofen (200 m.g. coated tablets), (d) Halls honey/lemon cough drops (80 ct. bad). After I returned home I put the bottled waters in the fridge and did the salt water thing once more. I then ate some food, and took two ibuprofen, then I ate a big plate of the ice cream. And I've got the salt/pepper mixture ready to, as two others on this forum suggested 'spice' the uvula by using a rounded spoon handle to coat it with an mixture of equal parts pepper and equal parts salt. I have not yet applied the coating, because I think the swelling is going away, and my wife says she wouldn't try it. I did talk to the pharmacist at Walgreens and was told that it 'probably' wouldn't hurt anything to give it a try, but then he'd never heard of this happening to anyone before. I live in Murray, Kentucky, and I've been told this is the second worst place in the US for allergies. I get them every year, but this year hasn't been so bad. I'm not taking Zertek or Claratin yet, and I am breathing fine right at the moment. I've had, as mentioned, a lingering cold for about a week, and still coughing up mucus from time to time, but nothing to serious. I have to say, this gave me quite a scare until I read this forum, and other sites, and right now I'm feeling fine. I should mention I didn't experience any swelling of my tonsils that I could tell, and I didn't experience any white spots or any real irritation. I talk just fine at the moment. I just looked again in the mirror and I found that the 'uvula' isn't hanging down as far as it was earlier. I'll keep taking a 'honey/lemon' cough drop every hour as somewhere they said that research proved that honey helped with the recovery. I'll also keep taking ibuprofen as recommended by the instructions on the bottle, and I'll be drinking about 10 bottles of the 16.9 fluid oz. size. I'll also eat ice cream from time to time to keep the swelling under control. I'll also be gargling with more salt water to kill any bacteria, etc. I'll keep posting on this forum updates to let you know my results. I have been a one pack a day smoker for years, and recently, when I got that cold some weeks back cut way back and have tried to quit. I've been having thoughts about cancer (throat and lung) lately as I'm hoping stopping smoking will help me prevent getting it. I'm definitely concerned, as my grandfather died from lung cancer, and everyone in my family dies from cancer. I smoked one cigarette at 7 am, just an hour or so before I went to bed this morning, and thought that might have had something to do with it. I did sleep on my back, and others have reported that it could be due to this and the irritation of dry mouth mixed with the uvula hitting the tongue and getting irritated. I also thought it could be due to the mildewy carpets and high humidity in my apartment and no air conditioning. It's definitely hot in here, but we keep one box fan blowing. It was in the front room pointed on the wet carpet with the window open for trying ventilate and help dry up the wetness. I'm sharing all this because I think it might help others in similar situations put 2 and 2 together and make some insights about what is causing this to happen and what's the best way to get it to go away in the fastest way possible without having to resort to costly surgeries, etc. I will say this much, though I haven't tried the pepper/salt 'spicing' method, I probably will. I think the 'salt' from the salt water concoction was a real help in reversing the condition somewhat. I think the salt/pepper method may be the fastest way to get it to go back to normal. The worst part of this condition is the uncontrollable swallowing I experienced at first and the weird feeling of feeling like I had a lugi lodged in my throat that wouldn't go away. Right now the time is 7:50, so it's been almost 4 hours since I've woken up and the measures I've taken have helped a lot so far. I'm one of these type people who would like to take the action now and get on it as soon as possible before it becomes a worst situation, and so I'll be self-doctoring myself throughout the rest of the night, until I go to sleep again tomorrow morning. Depending on the condition and if it worsens or gets better will I decide to go to the doctor or not. I do not want to have this thing for months. I've read others who have said they had it for such long periods of time. I picked "Halls" cough drops with the 'honey' as the generic ones said, "honey flavored" and I wanted real honey to comply with the honey cure things I've seen on here. Hope this helps...I'll keep posting on here in great detail throughout this experience that it might help others whom are as concerned as I was earlier. One thing I find interesting is the fact that this seems to happen when people wake up. Also it seems to be allergy related in some way. My Best! Bryan
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replied January 28th, 2017
I woke up this morning dreaming that something was stuck to the back of my tongue. Woke up to find the sensation was real. Began to talk and suddenly threw up repeatedly and violently. Wasn't trying to stop though as I hoped it would dislodge whatever it was. Nope. Finally found if I tipped my head back it would stop. "What IS this?!" Went to pointlessly look in the mirror (I'm not gonna SEE anything - don't be stupid!)
Holy crap that thing in the back of my throat was huge and hanging WAY below my seeing the end of it! Had issues recently involving persistant coughing and IT causing me to throw up. At least that was 'only' when I coughed - a lot, but not constant like something that is a PART of me!
Basically I was freaking out about how was I supposed to function if I couldn't stop throwing up.
Long story to express how freaky it was.
Short answer as within hours of a good stiff dose of Benadryl it was much reduced and Life could go on normally Smile
Later it had regrown. Guess I'll be adding Benadryl to my diet 'til a better/more permanent solution comes along.....
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