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Question About Ecoli

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I was in the er this past summer with what started out as a bladder infection. The initial anitbiotics failed as I continued to experience pain urinating and during ejaculation. I saw a urologist who performed an re and said I had a prostate infection and put me on huge dosages of cipro (500mg) to be taken twice a day. The prostate infection appears to be cleared up however, there were complications prior to visiting the doctor which included severe diarhhea and exhaustion to the point where I could not stand on my feet for more than 2 hours and severe pain in my hips and joints. I also had atleast five cases of severe abdominal cramps and food poisoning lasting up to 24 hours. I've found out that the water supply where I live is infected with ecoli and would like to know if this may have been the cause of the prostate infection. It makes sense. However, the urologist could not/would not determine how I got this infection. Can you ?

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replied October 28th, 2003
Hi! I hope that you are feeling better, it sounds like you went through hell this summer!

Here's some information for you, that you may find useful in figuring out what made you sick over the summer:

i wasn't sure if you were referring to your food poisoning as as symptom. From my understanding, food poisoning is not something you can get from being sick, it is something that you get from eating bad food, that makes you sick. It is very rare to have food poisoning 5 times within a summer but not impossible... Are you handling and cooking foods properly? Especially chicken, beef fish... Meats generally. But also peanuts, beans, home preserved foods (canned)... From the websites about food poisoning, it seems you had basically all the symptoms, besides the pain during urination and ejaculation. So it is possible for this to be the cause for your illness.

Also, keep in mind, if there is one food in your house that is contaminated with say, salmonella, it is easy to contaminate other raw, and cooked foods, if not stored properly, or if you touch the contaminated food, and don't wash your hands before handling other foods... I would suggest re-stocking your home, and getting rid of foods that may have been contaminated during this time, to prevent getting sick again.

As for your question about ecoli. Information I got from http://www.About-ecoli.Com states that one of the main symptoms of ecoli infection is hemorrhagic colitis. Which is...

"characterized by the sudden onset of abdominal pain and severe cramps, followed within 24 hours by diarrhea. As the disease progresses, the diarrhea becomes watery and then may become grossly bloody - bloody to naked eye. Vomiting can also occur, but there is usually no fever."

although ecoli is a form of food poisoning, from the looks of it, it is unlikely that your illness was caused by the ecoli in your water supply.

Go to the site and read up on it, there is some useful information there including prevention.

I hope that you are feeling better.

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replied October 30th, 2003
Thanks queeriosity,

are you actually questioning my statement about food poisoning ??? Only problem is my girlfriend got it too and she eats her own food but drinks my water.

Thank you

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replied October 30th, 2003

No, I wasn't questioning anything you said. I just wasn't sure if you were referring to your food poisoning as a symptom of something else. So I was trying to clear that up.

Are you feeling better? I hope so.


(pronounced curiosity)
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