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infertility and IUIs

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My husband and I have been trying to have a baby for the last 2 1/2 years. I am currently taking Clomid as well as Metformin. Clomid alone did not work. Last month (June '03) we had our 1st IUI (well I did) and it did not work. Just last week we had our 2nd IUI (July '03) and there was one more follicle than last time. I had two follicles on my right side and it hurt to walk during my ovulation surge. Last month it was also painful on both sides but not as much as this time. Was the pain due to ovulation and has anyone else experienced this type of pain. I would get sharp pains (cramps) and every step I took it was painful. Now it is 5 days after my 2nd IUI, and I have started with the pain again. It is not as intense but I am crampy on both sides including my back. The pain scares me as well as excites me. I hope it is due to pregnancy, but worry that something may be wrong. I had the pain last month (week after the IUI) but not as intense. HAS ANYONE ELSE EXPERIENCE THIS AND WHAT IS IT DUE TO. thanks Very Happy Sad Confused
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replied September 27th, 2009
could be a uti or just plain cramping from ouvulation i get it every time iam on my 4th iui no luck so good luck to u
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