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Non-drug Birth Control Ideas?

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I am really really nervous about hormones, and really unexcited about all of the available drug store birth control options at the moment. The result is that my partner and I use a combination of calendar and rhythmn methods of birth control. This is obviously not a fool-proof system, so I am looking for ways to make it more effective. I am wondering if anyone has used an ovulation detector kit??? Also, something that might be of interest: we have been researching ways for him to orgasm without ejaculating-found some great info on whitelotuseast.Com. Would be appreciative for any advice.
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replied October 22nd, 2003
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Hey annabelle-i dont know anything about the 'rhythm method' of contraception but aparently if followed properly, it can be quite an effective method-over 90% I think & its the nly form of contraception approved by the church. I have looked up some websites 4 u about this method & the predictor kits u were talking about.Hope they help:

http://birth.All-sexualhealth.Com/www/11.H tm
https://secure.Conceivingconcepts.Com/shop ping/browse.Php?Cat=36
http://www.Birth-control-pill.Net/rhythm.P hp

gud luck
liz x
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