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stomach hurts when i dirnk

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Ok Im 18 and yea im underage to be drinking alcohol but hey lifes tough get over it Smile . well when i get up to about 2 beers or about 4 shots my stomach hurts like someones stabbing me. what is the deal? my sister is 21 and is like that too. Question
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replied October 4th, 2003
Hi- I get like that too only when I drink hard liqour....But I know its normal for hard alcohol to be harsh on the stomach but I don't think to the extent that it does for me...I have recently gotten blood in my stools after both huge stress situation, and after a night of drinking. I'm thinking ulcer and perhaps that was the first sign of it. Maybe you should cut back alcohol intake, or cut things like pop out of your daily diet. See if that helps.
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