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Why Do Young People Get Pregnant?

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I am doing research at college into why it is that young people get pregnant and I would be really greatful for your comments? Embarassed
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replied September 25th, 2003
Extremely eHealthy
Well not many young girls actually expect to get pregnant. It never really comes up with a boyfriend. They depend on the pull out method...Condoms..And birth control. Some work and some dont. And they end up getting pregnant. Nobody really thinks "oh that can get me pregnant" unless the women who want to have babies. So thats why most statistics are that teens get pregnant every what...9 mintues in the u.S.? All girls have trusted the pull out method at least once and some still do it and they arent taught that there is pre-cum which contains semen and is just as good as getting her pregnant as it is if he fully comes. And some girls think its so cute to love a little one and to raise it with their boyfriend. Its more of a pretty picture painted for them, to see a baby and how cute they are sleeping. But the reality of they crying and screaming and diapers and sickness is something they dont expect. Just the other night, my sister (17) had to take her daughter to the emergency at 1 in the morning because she kept throwing up and crying. Alot of girls dont expect that. They just think at 16 or 15..Oh im so in love with him and I want to have his baby and we can be together forever. But most of the time it doest work like that.

Well hoped I helped at least a little bit. Im sure there will be many replies from alot of girls in here. They are all really sweet too!
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replied September 25th, 2003
I dont think its all as bad as that
yes there are always costs involved with raising a child, now and in the future, if you have family support and money it wont matter tho
young girls have been getting pregnant for centuries and always will
the statistics show that a lot more girls now compared to years ago in the usa get pregnant and at younger ages.
That is only in your country! In many others and I mean third world it has been common for years. So I think the usa needs to look at why its girls are getting pregnant more and younger.
In countries I have lived young women get pregnant young and adapt, grow up faster and have normal happy healthy lives.
My sister had her first child at 16, has 4 now aged between 21 and 3 ! And is very happy indeed.
Life for these young girls can be good, not much point telling them off once they are pregnant. They need advice and help and thats what they should get.
Good luck to all you young girls that have that new life in your world!
And if your man is there or not there is someone special that does need you...Your baby!
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replied September 26th, 2003
First Hand
I know first hand that the pull-out method does not work...Thats why I am pregnant now...Most girls my age arent thinking about getting pregnant they are thinking about the pleasure that sex with this person can bring to them......And ive know girls who often have been with thier boyfriendfor a while and like the sex with them so much that they crave it at least 3 or 4 times a day. My advice togive to girls in this situation is dont use the pull out method! It does not work! That is how me and my sister (also 17 pregnant 2 days before me) got pregnant.
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