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Hi. I am constantly scratching my feet and legs and scalp in the evening. My husband says it must be a nervous condition. I just know that it is driving me nuts. I am fine during the day. It starts right after dinner when I try to relax. I scratch my feet legs and scalp until they bleed. Does anyone know what this is? Any responses would be helpful. Thanks.
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replied September 25th, 2003
Extremely eHealthy
Have you checked your water? It could be hard water making your skin itch. Or you might have exzema (i cant spell it) my sister would itch and itch and she had to get an itching cream because she would leave marks and cuts all over her arms and legs. And then the noise of her scratching would annoy me too! But you should check with your doc to get a cream for the itch and check your water. Good luck!
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