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Hey guys I just wanted to let you know of ways to get rid of nausea. Since I hate throwing up (because my eyes get all messed up, like I pop blood vessels in my eyes) I try my best never to throw up. Usually the tuna smell makes me gag and sweets always make it better. Anything sweet nearby...Kool-aid, candy, ice ream, gum even smelling something sweet. It takes it away so fast. I keep my bottle of kool-aid here at work when I feel like throwing up! I hope I helped some. Feel free to post any other remedies for nausea!!!
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replied September 25th, 2003
I feel sick all the time lately and I dont know why.
It gets me down
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replied September 26th, 2003
Extremely eHealthy
Like you are nausiated? (spell)
you dont know whats wrong? Are you pregnant? You shouldnt feel down! Whats wrong?
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