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Addiction to Dipping

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If anyone is confused, dipping is tabacco you put between your lip and gums(copenhagen), picked it up in baseball. Also called chew up north I think. Just wondering if anyone has been able to overcome this addiction, and how. I've tried to quit countless of times but it just seems every road trip, or when I play a video game, or when i'm bored, well you get the idea. Even tried nicotine gum which took the craving away at the time but I still have the addiction of having that feeling in my mouth. I also take adderall when I study for tests, which makes me crave a dip. So i'd appreciate some suggestions. Thanks
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replied August 5th, 2004
Read This First....

A nicotine addiction is a tough one to beat but it is possible. I have been smoke free for 1.5 years now and I feel like a new person!

Wishing you well
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replied August 22nd, 2004
Oh Yes, Copenhagen
I have chewed since I was 13 and I am in my 40,s now. I chew about a can every 1.5 days and don't spit. I would like to quit as well. I am also trying to quit drinking and I have had some doctors tell me not to quit too much too fast. I quit one time some 10 years ago with the help of a fellow dipper, but went on vacation and smoked some cigars and was right back on it. One thing that will help you with the habit is get some clover chew and put that in when you get the craving. But for me, I think cold turkey is the best. After three days, the craving should subside. Using the clover helps with the desire to put something in you mouth. If you would like to try to quit together, I am serously considering it now. It is the toughest of all drugs to kick (other than meth). By the way, copenhagan is my chew also.

Hope this helped.....Tiredofit Confused
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replied August 21st, 2005
Quitting Dip
I had quite in the past, back to it again =/.

Things I did to help.

1. Brush your teeth alot, notice your gums getting healthier as incentive.

2. For a scaire find some pictures of mouth cancer or talk to your dentist, these people specialize in scare tactics.

3. Make your tin harder to get to. I wrapped it in aluminum foil, making me thing twice about opening.

4. Put the $ you haven't used on tobacco into a bank, for some reason opening it and seeing all the money was a good motivator.

5. Lots of candy, sunflower seeds and things to keep your mouth busy, while you drive or after you eat. Avoid coffee triggers that intensify the urge.

I did cold turkey and after a couple weeks I was over it.

Good luck
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