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I Cant Belive This..!!!

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Hey girls...

My friend melanie was telling me today about this girl she knows. Her friend tyler was dating this girl tyler is 18 and the girl just turned 15.. Well she is preggy 4 months I think and she drinks smokes weed everyday has done e like 4 times and coke... She hasnt been to the docters nothing!! Me and melanie were talking about this and she said that the girl should get an abption(sp?) I was like no!!! But than I started to think and she has to get one... Her child is gonna have something wrong with it I know it.. This girl doesnt care that she is carrying a baby.. Her mother is a crack prostitute... I cant belive there are women out there who don't care about what they are doing to their baby... It just makes me sick!! Twisted Evil I am soooo agaisnt abrtipion(sp?) but I think in her case she needs one... The child will .N.O.T. Have a good life at all... It will probbley be born with some kind of disablitty(sp?) pissses the f*ck out of me!!! Why would someone ever do that?! I thought I should just tell you guys about her...

.Alison xoxo
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replied June 29th, 2004
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She is a little !**@! that needs to be smacked! That is bs to do that. I mean she could at least stop for 9 damn months to give a normal life to her baby. I mean if she did not want one she should not have been sleeping around! Its called responsibility and she clearly has none!! Eeerrr poor baby. Abortion is wrong and I hope for the baby's sake that it has nothing wrong with it. They will take it from her when she has it. I think she is to far pregnant for an abortion though.
I drank some when I was preggy, thing is I had no clue I was pregnant. I found out I was pregnant and I told them I was scared that I hurt my baby because I did drink. They said that baby would be fine. I still feel like a !**@! and I did not even know I was pregnant! Glad I found out I was pregnant at 3 weeks. I guess you know how I feel about her!!!
Lots of love,
heather and hayley
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