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Pimple Like Bumps With Pus. What The?!?!

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Well a 1.5 months ago I noticed like 5 pimple like bumps right at the base of my penis on the right hand side. I let them go and they went no where. Well I thought they were pimples and they popped and little white stuff came out or like a head of a pimple and then a little blood. They were gone like a week later. About 2 weeks ago I realized a group of like 6 pimples like things not around the penis base but about 2 inches above and to the left right below my waste. Some were small and one was big and hut. I waited and then popped the big one. It was full of pus. Then it sort of healed but I can still sqeeze a little pus outta it. Whats going on here. The other little bumps or small tiny pimples are still there but I dont know what the hell it is. I thought it was just from sweating in the heat.
I also found another small pimple like thing around an inch up from my penis base. Sounds disgusting but any ideas?
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replied July 1st, 2004
Sounds like it could be molluscum contagiosum. They are sexually transmitted and usually need to be removed by a doctor by freezing them off. Do some research on that. Sounds like it could be it.
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