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Osteoporosis In Teenagers?

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Recently, i've noticed that my boyfriend seems relatively shorter than he used to be about a year ago, and we found out that he has gone from being 6'2" to 5'11"! Shocked I was wondering if it's possible that osteoporosis could occur in teenagers (he is 19 years old), and what might cause it. A theory of my mom's is that he drinks too much pop (about 3-4 cans a day) and that it can result in the loss of bone density, but i'm not sure whether that could be possible. Any help would be much appreciated!
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replied September 3rd, 2010
Remember that the spine is S-shaped and flexible so it's possible that he is "losing height" because he is letting his spine curve more (ie., he is slumping more). But there's no doubt in my mind that soda is bad for the body. Soda--like Coke--and even Gatorade, and other similar 'sports' drinks--are highly acidifying to the body, causing the body to leach calcium out of the bones in order to keep the blood at a more alkaline level. DO stay away from all sodas and acidifying sports drinks! Very bad for your health, including your energy level.
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