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No Bm In Over a Year

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I hope someone can help...My daughter never has a bm. She is 25 now. She broke her back 5 years ago, had 3 surgeries, is on methadone now for pain, can walk. Gi doctors dont believe that she never goes. When she was hospitalized for back they weren't goingto let her go home unless she had a bm. No one believes she doesn't go so the gave her a battery of tests (drinking all that white stuff etc) and finally let her go home but were baffeled that their tests showed an empty bowel. Where does it go? Could she have some sort of parasite that eats everything before it gets to the colon? She is not anexoric and eats well enough. Sometimes if she eats alot she has "discomfort" in her stomach but . I should mention when she had those tests she had been in the hospital for 10 days, getting 3+ meals a day and plenty of fluids and could not get up by herself and go to the bathroom alone let alone throw up her food without anyone knowing. That should dispell thinking shes lying. She absolutely does not ever go...I dont know where to look for similar cases so the drs. Look for answers.
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