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Itching of Whole Body

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my wife is pure vegeterian and doesnot even takes egg. She also avoids some few vegetables. She has been suffering from the itching of her whole body since long time now. She did consult with doctors who prescribed her some medicines but it is of no use now.

In this regard, kindly help me by giving me your valuable advice or medication so as to relieve her from this problem.

Looking forward for your kind response.

Thanking you,

raju gurung
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replied September 26th, 2003
I know itching can be a terrible discomfort. If it were me I would drink lots of water to flush the system. Also check to see if she has changed detergents, soaps, creams, etc. I would get some yellow dock tea.
This would help flush the liver. It also helps itching. I am thinking alternative here. If this does not help maybe check for parasites.
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