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October 22nd, 2006
I have been dealing with this for over a year. I saw an ent last october. He told me that I have acid reflux, and that it's spilling into my voice box. I have taken protonix, prevacid, and prilosec; nothing really works. I had a prescription for nexium, but my insurance wouldn't cover it. It's weird, it will come and go. Some days are great. Some are horrible. Symptoms vary. Some days, my throat is dry or feels like there's a lump. Recently, it has been having a sharp pain on my right side. If I hold my throat, or put pressure on it, the pain goes away. My voice sound like i'm hoarse simetimes. I don't feel it when I eat or drink. There's months that go by where I won't feel a thing. Then if it gets bad, I start thinking the worse, cancer. As soon as I go to the doctor, and he reassures me it's not, the pain lets up. It's been really bad the past week. I'm going to go to another ent doctor. I'm worried that, if it is acid reflux, that the acid has dome some serious damage to my esophogus(sp). The funny part is that I don't get heart burn? If it is acid reflux, wouldn't I feel it coming up? Doctors say that you shouldn't drink alcohol, but it feels fine after I have a drink or two. It's enough to drive you mad. The sensation isn't unbearable, but it's enough to let you know it's there. I'm glad i'm not the only one with this problem. I wish I could feel like I did a year and a half ago. Has anyone tried nexium? Does it work? I'm willing to shell out the $150 for the prescription if it works. It seems like the more I think about, the worse it gets. I keep having nightmares that I cancer, or i'll me 29 years ols woth one of those talk boxes where you sound like a robot-

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replied May 18th, 2013
Hi I have a friend that struggled with a similar situation, he tried everything but NOTHING I mean nothing worked! This might sound a bit extreme but if you are desperate you should try urine therapy, my friend recovered in a few weeks and went back to his business. If you have nothing to loose try it, it can save your life!

Remember that this therapy is FREE, I have NOTHING to sell here.

Good luck and I hope that everyone recovers here from their symptoms.
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replied November 6th, 2006
Light At the End of the Tunnel?
Well, after almost a year, I decided to go back to the doc. Ent. I told him we needed to start all over again, because this feeling hasnt gone away and it isn't in my head. He was pretty cool and we started...Well, 5 minutes into it, he tells me that I have an enlarged uvula that goes down into my throat...Very, very possible that this is exactly what my problem is!! He was shocked that he didn't see it before, and he explained to me that is not something he would typically look for, and doesn't show right on scans or x-rays (something about the contrast or something). Anyway, I am going for minor surgery on wed to "clip it", and hopefully get rid of this feeling once and for all...I will post again and give you the results.
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replied November 14th, 2006
Sore Throat Feels Like Something Behind Or In My Adams Apple
Hi, i'm ranma132:

i just recently went to the doctor yesterday because my throat felt like there was something inside. Near the adams apple, like a certain feeling of tightness on one of the muscles. My family, especially my parents don't believe me. Saying its all in my head, which kinda makes me feel insane here. Crying or Very sad I don't want to feel like this anymore. I need help, I need to talk to someone here about these symptoms. So i'm leaving my e-mail address. I really need some advice, i'm only 19 and I just got back with my ex girlfriend. If anyone finds a cure or something to reduce this feeling of tightness, let me know. I will be so bloody happy if theres a antibiotic or liquid medicine for this! Sad
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replied November 16th, 2006
the Best Diagnosis Laryngoscopy!
Hi friends:

if you have been having chronic problems have a doctor take a sample tissue of your throat for testing. This procedure is called "direct rigid laryngoscopy".

You will be put sleep during the surgical procedure and the doctor will look down your throat. The doctor will look below your vocal box and adams apple where must of us feel pain. He will then take a sample tissue and send it to a lab for infection or bacteria growing. If you have excess mucous in your throat he will vacum the mucous up and send it out to a lab for testing.

To read mor about "direct rigid laryngoscopy" go to the link below:
www.Peacehealth.Org/kbase/topic/medtest/hw 232056/whydone.Htm

if you believe you are suffering from gerd or acid reflux have your doctor run a blood test to check for helicobacter bacteria.
If your test is negative as your doctor to refer you for an endoscopy surgical procedure to look down your esophogus tube for signs of redness around the tissues or if an ucler in your stomach is causing the acid eroption to reflect up in your throat.

Please, do not take aspirins, bc powder, goodie powders, or any over the counter that containg aspirins because they are known for causing ulcers and acid reflux related problems.

If you take aspirins medicene for headache or migranes ask your doctor for a migrane prescription medicene like imitrex.

If you have a cold or fever, tylenol is what gastro intestinal doctors recommed because it won't irritate your stomach.

Good luck to all of you!
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replied March 3rd, 2007
Tight Throat/ Elastic Feeling/ Tightness Around Windpipe
Hello,.. I was so happy to have come across this forum!! Last year (July to be exact) I was under a bit of stress and I developed this feeling , and the only way I could describe it ,.. it felt as though there was an elastic around my windpipe, .. feels like there is something in my throat,. I've had all the symptoms that everyone else has on here,.. sometimes it feels like a bubble in my throat, tightness but it doesn't affect eating/swallowing etc,.. I've tried everything,. chiro, physio, exercise but nothing seemed to help,.. I went away for 6 mmonths and didn't have a problem until I came back home,.. strange enough I have the same probelm/ feeling all over again,.. which I now believe is stress related~ I went to my doctor last week and she's sending me to an ears/nose/ throat specialist at the end of this month + for a Pulmonary Function Test... I also have alot of back/ neck pain which isnt' related to this probelm but decided to go to a massage therapist (yesterday) becuase I'm completely fed up,... so while I was there I mentioned the probelm with my throat,.. she said that if it was anything coming from my lungs/lung related (and I know she's not a dr) but she said I would have pressure in chest or pain in upper back (guess around lungs)?? she massaged around my neck and said how the muscles all around my neck (the front and side) were very tight and that along with maybe a bit of stress/anxiety (which I don't think that I have) can all contribute to this feeling I have in my throat,.. so if any of you have not tried Massage Theraphy ~give it a shot,..!! I'm going back next week to have another massage to see what happens,..
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replied March 15th, 2007
Throat = No Good
gday all.

ive seen symptoms in this forum that match mine, but not yet someone, i think, with all the same symptoms...
if someone has the faintest idea what im talking about, please help!!

me: male, 21, fit healthy, dont smoke, history of asthma.

symptoms: throat tightness, difficulty swallowing saliva, difficulty reaching the 'top' of my breath often, and difficulty breathing in general, pains ranging from neck to tummy
i cough and clear my throat a lot and feel like i need to, but cant quite, cough up some phlegm which feels lodged in my throat.
when the breathing becomes most difficult i become very light-headed.

went to the respitory specialist 2 weeks ago and he had no idea what i was on about. he took me off my asthma meds (which ive relied on since i was 6mnths) and put me on rhinocort (nasal steroid).
my gp had me on nexium for reflux but that did nothing.
the breathing difficulty started 7 months ago, and has gotten progressively worse.
did a respitory test today and that was normal (rules out the asthma).
main symptoms are always there but it fluctuates between getting better and worse.
for the last few months everytime i do exercise it get worse straight away.
it also seems to get worse when being in a car.

notes of interest: specialist has sent me off to do an echocardiogram and an ecg in the near future.

also as i was riding my bike to the train station a few days ago, a coughed up some phlegm and felt better than i have done in months...

also i went camping 3mnths ago and swam across a river with some of my mates. 3/4 of the way across it felt like my throat started to close up, and had great difficulty breathing. i really struggled to make it to the other side.

i can see why it might be a mental thing (as it seems to be whenever i'm concentrating on something else it doesn't seen to effect me), but there are physical aspects of it that i can't shake off...

i seem to recall that someone said that your throat can't close up properly from it (is this true, as im going to be in the country for a bit, so the reassurance that if it does get bad then i won't need to seek urgent medical attention, will help)

cheers for that, i hope it all made sense!! i hope that someone knows what im talking about and can get back to me soon as im really worried about it, and being off the asthma meds at the same time.

thanks again

Very Happy james
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replied June 6th, 2007
Same Symptoms, Different Cause
I just read through all the posts on this topic and glad to have stumbled on it. I've been experiencing the same symptoms for the last few days and it's really been freaking me out. I'm up at 4:30 a.m. right now because I was scared to go to sleep for fear of not being able to breathe. For anyone considering a trip to the chiro to relieve it, I'm pretty sure that's what STARTED my problem. The morning following my neck adjustment I had soreness all along the sides and front of neck (which the chiro warned me about) and the tightness in my throat. The soreness has mainly resolved over the past couple of days but the tightness/lump feeling has increased. After I get some sleep I'm heading right out to a massage therapist and see if that relieves it at all. I'll let ya know : )
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replied June 11th, 2007
Relief of Throat Tightness
WOW - I feel better just knowing I'm not the only one! I have been dealing withthis for a few months now. When I first went to the doctor, I talked about the shortness of breath rather than the throat tightness - I wasn't sure how to explain that. After much research and a visit with the doctor, turns out I was so worried about my throat closing up on me that I would hyperventilate until I nearly passed out - I had numbness in my hands, dizzines,etc. Docotr put me on Zoloft, I was very apprehensive about taking it because I wasn't stressed or depressed - I didn't think. Just a normal working mom with two great kids and a great husband - all was great! But, I was so freaked out about having cancer or something aweful in my throat that I literally hyperventilated daily. I reluctantly took the Zoloft and did notice some measurable relief after about two weeks. Stupid me thought, "great I'm cured I can get off the "head medicine". Well, I am on the computer looking this stuff up again and put a call into the doctor for a refill on the Zoloft. I think that it is more related to anxiety than I want to admit, especially since I love my life.
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replied June 18th, 2007
Similar Symptoms - Worsening My Asthma

I too suffer from similar symptoms described by you all. For about 2 months now (that I can remember) my throat feels as if it is closing up on me - and for me, the feeling starts right under my chin and down to where the esophagas meets the stomach. 5 years ago, I had an upper Endoscopy done and it showed some acid errosion, so doctor put me on Nexium which I've been on til now. Barium swallow during same time showed a mild stricture, but doctor said that it was not significant enough to not be able to swallow pills...which I cannot do without even the smallest one getting stuck EVERY time. I can feel all food going down my throat so I chew like 100 times. My throat closing up and chest/upper back & shoulder tightness starts when I get out of bed in a.m. and about 2 more times throught each day which causes me to panic and take my Nebulizer (breathing treatment). I have severe asthma and when I get this throat feeling I start burning up but not sweating. Anyone ever had this feeling? Feel like I can't take a deep breath. I am so discouraged about who to see - hospital visit 3 days ago yielded no diagnosis. I'm only stress that I know of.
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replied June 18th, 2007
Asthma Sufferer - Not Asthma
I just read your asthma problem. I too suffer from asthma, when I began experienceing these symptoms, I immediately hit the inhaler. When that didn't work I began doing albuterol breathing treatments which seemed to make matters worse according to the doctor. I was getting too much oxygen, thereby hyperventilating and causing tingling sensation in my hands and face. I still experience those symptoms when I obsess about the throat tightness and feeling like my throat wil close. I am on an antidepressant which seems to help for now, but I would have NEVER thought i needed one. My doc. diagnosed my symptoms as anxiety complicated by hyperventilation. The trouble is I didn't think I was stressed at all.
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replied June 19th, 2007
New Case of Throat Problems Related to This Thread.
Hello everyone. My name is Geno and I’d, first, like to thank everyone who has written on this forum.

My symptoms have recently started this past May and I’d like to share the sequence of events that have led me to believe I have Esophageal Thrush.

May 8 – I received 5 vaccines for travel outside the USA. Polio, Yellow Fever, Typhoid, TwinRix (Hep A & B), and Meningocol (Meningitis).

May 12 – I took my first Malarone (Malaria prevention) for travel to Africa; I have to take Malarone every day that I’m in Africa and a week after I leave Africa. I also had my first symptom; I felt something had gotten stuck in my throat and coughed so hard that my throat “closed up”. I calmed down and steadily regained my breathing back. Later, I checked in the mirror and saw the sides of my tongue were white and lumpy. It looked like the white tissue was about to fall off. I brushed it off with my toothbrush, but some white tissue still remained. No pain or soreness in the throat. No fever or chills.

May 14 – I still had a slight feeling in my throat, very small. I started my travel to Africa.

May 20 – I started working in a warm, moist environment. I had to perform several arduous labor for the past four days. Today, I had that attack again, but not as severe. I felt my throat closing up and panicked. I calmed down and regained my breathing. I still felt a lump in my throat, but no soreness or coughing. The white tissue on my tongue had disappeared, but my palate is a little lighter.

May 21 – I awoke drenched in sweat. Apparently I had a fever overnight, but I felt a lot better than the previous day. I still felt a lump in my throat, but a little lower. I went to the company doctor and he saw white lumps towards the back of my throat; he gave me flu medicine.

May 25 – I felt the lump a lot lower, around my Thyroid area. I went back to the doctor and said to wait a few days more. He said that my body will cure it, alone.

May27 – I had another mild attack: something stuck in my throat, felt hard to breathe, a little sharp pain around my center collar bone area. This whole time I had been breathing sharply through my mouth to make sure I have a clear passage. I do. I went to the doctor immediately and told him about the episode and about the white tissue that had been there. He looked down my throat, again, but saw everything clear. He gave me antibiotics (Amoxicillin and Clavulanate Potassium), 1 pill every 8 hours.

May 28 – I feel a little better, but the lump is still there. I also have begun to feel small pains in my center chest; needle like pains. The lump felt lower, almost to my collar.

June 1 – The attacks come and go. Eating and drinking helps relieve the sensation in my throat and my nerves, as well.

June 6 – Along with the same symptoms, I had begun to feel nauseous (maybe from my stress with this and work).

June 13 – I started flying back to Houston. I felt nauseous and dizzy at the airport and decided to go to the hospital as soon as I reach Houston.

June 14 – After 9 hours of panic in the plane because of a couple of ‘attacks’, I was driven straight to the Emergency Room. The doctors, there, said they couldn’t see anything wrong in my throat and the strep test came back negative. They gave me some Lidocain to gargle and it helped relieve the burning and sensation in my throat. Still felt a lump. They recommended to see and ENT specialist.

June 15 – I went to see ENT specialist. He saw nothing wrong in my throat, so he stuck a fiber optic camera down. When he reached the trachea, he saw it was irritated and red. I have no acid reflux problems and I don’t snore at night. He didn’t go down further and decided to give Augmentin Antibiotics for a week and some Magic Gargle. That night, the Magic Gargle made me feel better, not as irritable as before.

June 16 – I found this thread and another associated to my problem. I read everything about Oral Thrush and I’m very convinced it is what I have. All the symptoms match to what has happened to me. It can’t be spasm because spasms don’t start out with white lumps or tissue as I had. It’s not Mycloplasma because I don’t have difficulty swallowing saliva and I have no access Mucous. Everything I have had and not have as symptoms lead to Oral Thrush.

June 17 – I went to see my dentist and he confirmed I have gingivitis in 4 places along my molars in the back of my mouth, the same place where the white tissue on my tongue appeared. I also have 3 cracked teeth that need to be crowned. I left my ENT a message on his phone explaining my thoughts and opinion about my symptoms and Oral Thrush.

Conclusion – I think that because of the vaccines, Malarone, gingivitis, and very little rest, my immunity dropped dramatically and allowed Candida, a form of fungus, much like yeast infection, to accumulate out of control and beyond what my immunity can fight. I think that several factors that have lowered my immunity have caused this infection to spread from my tongue to my esophagus and have potential to spread to my lungs. I’m awaiting a call from my ENT or my next visit this Friday. Nothing is verified for sure to this point, but I feel I’m going the right direction, thus so far.

My question is if anyone has confirmed they have Oral Thrush and if my symptoms are similar. If so, what are the appropriate steps or solutions.

I will post my case a week from today. Thank you all for sharing your experience and knowledge with us.
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replied June 20th, 2007
Ps: One More Question...
I am gargling 'Magic Gargle' 3 to 4 times a day. At first I had dark, red clumps come out with the solution (which is pink). Today for the first time I saw little yellow clumps come out as well. I'm a little nervouse because after calling the ENT, the nurse said she would call some providers to verify what the yellow clumps are. I'm hoping it's just some food I had earlier and that it doesn't happen again. I'm not sure, but I think another name for this solution is 'Magic Mouthwash'.

Does anyone know what the different colors coming out after gargling 'Magic Gargle' mean? Signs of my condition getting worse? What should I do, now?
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replied June 24th, 2007
Similar Symptoms - Different Cause
I've been having all of the symptoms mentioned in the postings for at least 3 years. After going to many different kinds of doctors I finally found one who tested the calcium in my blood. It was high which indicated a parathyroid tumor. A nuclear medicine test confirmed the diagnosis.

The cure is to have the tumor surgically removed.

This may not be the cause of any of your problems but it is worth having the blood test to rule it out.

Hope you all find a diagnosis and cure.
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replied July 7th, 2007
Follow Up.
Well, it's been almost 4 weeks since my first visit to my ENT and I feel 90% better... Intermitently, I feel a lump at my trachea and minor soreness on my right gland. My chest pain is gone, the severe soreness at my trachea is gone, no more panic attacks, my throat doesn't feel like closing up. And every couple of days I feel I'm getting better.

I have to say that the day after I got off of the anitbiotics, my condition got a little worse, but it had improved so much while I was on it. I decided to wait a week to see if I got bad enough to see my ENT, again, and by the 3rd day off of the antibiotics I felt better. I had some mild heartburns for about a week, but I managed a careful diet that eliminated my heartburns. I didn't have heartburns before, it started after I got off of my antibiotics... Just a warning. I had plenty of rest during the night making my mornings sore & lump free. Occasionally, in the evenings, I start feeling a small lump at my trachea. If I cough or irritate it, I begin to feel a small soreness on my right thyroid gland, like a muscle strain. So, I suggest not coughing or irritating it any further. I noticed when I did have the heartburns that my condition worsened. My folks tell me the heartburn is due to an upset stomach which is due to the strong medications I have been taking for 3 weeks. I have no heartburns, now, and I have more evenings without any sensations in my throat.

I'm still not out of the woods. I have been wanting to take some detailed blood tests and maybe a soft tissue scan for any abnormalities. For the meantime, I'm sticking to a healthy diet and staying away from anything that might irritate my throat. All in all, I've been feeling better with every passing week. I just hope it all goes away, soon.
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replied July 18th, 2007
Tightness In My Throat
I have been reading all of the posts about tightness of the throat. all I did was type tightness of throat in google and this is one of the sights that it gave me. I have had this problem for quite a while now. I would say over the last 3-4 years. It wasn't as bad at first, but as time went on it has gotten more intense. I feel like all my muscles in my neck are just really tight and it is like a squeezing feeling. You know how it feels when you are about to cry? you kinda feel that lump in your throat. I have allot of discomfort around the area where an adams apple would be. Not severe pain..but enough to annoy me. I even loose my voice somewhat. I get horse, and it feels like I am really pushing words out, because it feels so tight in my throat. I went to an ENT and he looked down my throat with some kind of camera (it went in through my nose Shocked ). he said that he saw that my vocal cords were not functioning properly. He noticed that they were not closing properly, and that is what was causing me to loose my voice. I notice that the tightening of the throat gets worse when I am stressed or if I have not eaten all day. I do suffer from depression and anxiety. I take Zoloft and Lorezepam. When I lay down at night it feels like I have to lay with my neck stretched in order to breath properly. What the heck is this????????? Crying or Very sad Please help!

*Please do not post personal information on the forum. This is for your safety.
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replied August 9th, 2007
Throat Tightness
Hello everyone!

I think I might have the same problems, I have a lump on my upper left side of my throat and it's not painful but it feels tight most of the time, when I eat I can feel the food go down on my right side only but not my left side, i've seen 3 different nurse and 2 doctors and I had an ultrasound done on my throat but they cant see nothing in my throat, the nurses think it might be acid reflux so I was taking Zantac but that didn't work and I also tried antibiotics for my stomach, still none of those medication worked, I had this problem over half a year now and I just feel like giving up since none of the doctors or nurses don't give me answers to my prob so right now the only thing I can do is do a research on internet and post forums and get answers elsewhere.
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replied August 30th, 2007
Throat Tightness
I know exactly what you are talking about. Most postings are from people who have had this problem for a couple months, but I too have had this for a long time.l 4years!!! Crying or Very sad I tried zoloft but it made me very nervous. I had to stop taking it. I also have had all kinds of tests and they say all is ok...I am glad all is ok, but then why do I feel like my throat is closing all the time. It is worse as the day goes on and I also feel like when I lie down I can't get enough air!! It makes me panic. I have had anxiety and panic attacks most of my life and struggle with obsessive worrying about things such as Health anxiety. It is hard to know what to do next....I feel for what you are going thru and everyone else on this forum...An older lady told me she suffered for over ten years with this and no one knew what to do for her. She said she took valium and that helped some but that is addictive.... Sad It becomes very depressing doesn't it?
Hope you are having a decent day.
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replied August 30th, 2007
By the way that is 4 four years not 14!!!!!!! Shocked
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replied September 6th, 2007
It's Not Over...
Ok, so I had an Acid Reflux exam done and it came out positive; I have GERD, known as Acid Reflux more commonly. My ENT prescribed Nexium and Gaviscon for the Acid Reflux. KRISTA, try taking Diazepam and IB Profen for that throat tightness; it took care of mine. People have a muscle that is attached to their shoulder and the other end to their thryroid bone. It is used when you speak and when you eat. I seemed to have damaged/irritated that muscle because of all my stress. Diazepam (5mg to 10mg twice daily) and IB Profen (at noon and before sleep) will help heal it faster (about 3 or 4 weeks) if this is the case. Taking 5mg twice dailyof Diazepam is safe if you're worried about addiction; I had no problem stopping Diazepam use. I don't have a lump or tightness (that muscle), anymore, but I still have the Acid Reflux thing... Exercise and a healthy diet will take care of this.

So, my vaccines, Malarone, throat infection, and work anxiety/stress brought about the Acid Reflux... the last thing I need to overcome. I guess I will be posting in the Acid Reflux forum, now, for suggestions or a cure. Thank you all again for your posts and I hope I have helped some.
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replied September 23rd, 2007
Well I'm sort of glad that I found this topic, but no one seems to have the very same symptoms as I do. About 3 or 4 weeks back I began feeling a small lump in my throat. I could eat fine, and when I ate the feeling sort of went away. I was chewing more carefully just in case, but I could eat. About 1 week ago it got worse. I need to eat very carefully and swallow only tiny amounts for food to go down. When I try taking bigger swallows the food gets stuck in my throat for several seconds before going down. I also find it hard to breathe. I can't get to the "top" of my breath, and it's like this all day. I can swallow saliva fine but when I drink water fast I feel it go down slowly, like a lump maye be holdig it up a bit. I'm going for a barium swallow test in a couple of weeks, so hopefully they can help me because I'm getting scared! Also do any of you have symptoms like this or know what it can possibly be?
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