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Support Groups to Join

I am looking for a support groups that I could join. In order to help me over come the loss of my mom.
I would like it to be in weymouth,ma.
How to join, how often do you go. And any other information you could give me to help me out.
Crying or Very sad

thank you for any help
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replied September 10th, 2003
Extremely eHealthy
Im sorry you lost your mom, but I have no idea of supprt groups in that area, maybe your local church would know. If it helps to cheer you up to know that when I have a baby and its a boy, I am going to name it anthony! I love that name! If you need anybody to talk to, im here.
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replied December 16th, 2004
Saint anthony,

you said that you were looking for a support group.

You wrote your request in the midst of a support group for tmj.

This forum will not accomplish much if well over 90% of the activity here in the forum is only reading and not posting, which is the way it seems now.

If you're a shy person, as you wrote, then this is a perfect place for you. You never have to feel put on the spot -- i.E., you can take your time in responding or choose not to respond much.

But, please, respond! ... Not to my post in particular, but to any post. There are people who suffer from tmj -- tmj newbies -- who could benefit from what you might have to say about your experiences and re: what, if any, success you've had in alleviating the pain.

There is already a body of knowledge that contributors to this forum have built up. There has to be something of value that you can add, isn't there? Even if it's a simple and heartfelt note of encouragement to a new tmj sufferer, it would be worthwhile for you to contribute here.

Best regards to you,

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