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I have a burning sensation on my skin that covers my face, arms and sometimes legs. I hear ms can present w/ some burning but, that it is usually in certain areas. Is it common to have burning all over like this in ms?


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replied April 16th, 2004
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I sure understand what you are saying, you might also check on the computer for rsd(reflex sympathetic dystrophy) & peripheral neuropathy, these also make your skin burn and the pain and weakness is horrible. I also have these and fibromyalgia. You might ask your Dr. For an emg test, I will keep positive thoughts and hope your tests come out good on everything, including the ms. I have been to fifteen dr's so far, I hope you don't have to go thru the same thing. I hope it is something minor!

i also came upon an article that kind of hits home with me also and that is "aspartame", you might take a look at it because it also mentions ms, it is well worth a try because I drink a couple of diet-coke's a day I saw this on the computer on 5-10-04 the lady's name is janet starr hull that discusses it. I sure hope it helps and you might want to pass it on also.
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replied June 13th, 2004
Hi there,
i just wanted to let you know that I currently have a burning feeling over different parts of my body. At times it feels like a sunburn and sensitive, and other times it feels like my skin is in hot water. In the last couple of weeks it has jumped around between my left foot, left arm/shoulder, and the left side of my face. I find it often starts with some itchiness that just won't go away - almost like a mosquito has just started biting.
Anyways, I just wanted to let you know, that if these feelings you are having are similiar - then to me, they are quite normal!

Take care.
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replied June 20th, 2004
This is a bit off the subject but made me think of this. Does anyone here feel like their skin "hurts" to touch it? It doesn't necessarily burn but it has a burning sensation at times when it is touched.

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