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Okay, so this is kind of silly, but I had rectal surgery over the summer that's almost done healing up completely. Because of this, three weeks ago, for about two weeks, I had a nasty case of hemroids due to the walls healing up and rubbing against each other due to irritation. So yeah, that's gone, but in the process the only thing that did anything, since it was all interior, were suppositories. In case you don't know what that is, they're basically these little stick things that melt inside and deliver medicine or just sometimes create a coating to protect the hemroids. Perparation H includes medicine that functions as a vascoconstritor (shrinks the hemroids in there). One day, I found out much to my surprise that, let's say, these suppositories have quite an effect should you use one and then have sex not too long thereafter. I don't know the entire mechanism, but due to the constriction of the veins I'm sure that's the secret. All I can say is wow, but don't go sticking a million in there. Anyway, if you get hemroids, don't feel too bad, there are gleams of hope within your treatment and now you don't have to be embarassed buying these things. Who knows, perhaps a new trend is on the way...
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