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For Parents of Children With Arthritis

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Assistive devices and juvenile arthritis survey
kean university
occupational therapy

we are students in the occupational therapy program at kean university. For our research topic we are completing a study to determine if assistive devices are used by children with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis and in what areas of function they are used. The second purpose is to determine if the assistive devices improve functional ability in the areas of self-care, school/productivity and play/leisure. An assistive device is any item that supports a child's development or increases his/her independence and functioning.
We have received permission from kean university to conduct this study by surveying both pediatric occupational therapists as well as parents of children with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis. Anticipated risk is minimal as your survey responses will be strictly confidential. Group data may be reported, but no individual information or individual identifiers will be reported. Please do not include your name on the survey. Once information is entered into a computer spreadsheet, the surveys as well as the email contacts will be deleted. All questions do not have to be answered. I

Thank you for your participation,
andrea tylicki, ots & jamie souza, ots
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