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Hi girls,
reality hit me smack in the head this week.. Ugh.. Something near the baby (i'm 19 weeks tomorrow) has been bleeding and worrying me a lot so I have to have an ultrasound tomorrow to see what's going on in there with the little bean and whether he/she is ok. After being ill with anxiety since passing a clot yesterday (sorry tmi!) I got another fright tonight when my husband came home from work (he's an electrician) with 2 little burns on his hand.... From getting a potentially fatal electrocution that went in one hand and out the other, thru his heart... Argh!!! Thankfully he's ok and lives to tell the tale of yet another brush with death Shocked meanwhile i'm still wondering how our little bean is doing........ Not looking forward to tomorrow.. Crying or Very sad

Ps. On a lighter note, last nite I told mum what was going on and said "since we're past 16 weeks i'm going to ask the dr if we can have a peek between his legs! ... Err.. I mean the baby's legs!".... Hehehe.. Was pretty damn funny at the time Laughing
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replied April 1st, 2004
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Aww im sorry hun I hope everything is okay. .Im sure it is tho but I will pray for ya! And sorry bout ur hubby and im glad hes fine too* I hope the sex of the baby is what u want Smile
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