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I had my gallbladder removed two weeks ago. No stones, it was badly inflamed and diseased. I was in pain for almost a year, but because the er's in the area saw no stones they dismissed me. In this event would that take the healing longer? I still have burning and sick feeling after supper. My surgeon has put me on metoclopramide 10 mg. 4 times a day. Should this help? And I am worried about the length I will have to take it because of the unusual side effects. Please help if you can? I'm tired of feeling sick
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replied April 10th, 2004
I had my gallbladder removed on new year's eve a few months ago. I also had no stones (like you,) just a low hida emission %. When they took it out, it showed signs of chronic inflammation and infection. I healed just fine with my surgery. I feel 100% better now. The fact that you still have burning and a sick feeling after eating is not normal, those should have gone away after surgery (like mine did.) go see a gi, but a different one. I was on metoclopramide for a while before surgery but I didn't feel any better on it. What it does is make your gi tract work together easier to food will move through your intestines easier. Since I was having gallbladder problems that drug did nothing to fix the problem.
But the fact that you didn't have gallstones should have nothing to do with the recovery of your surgery. I didn't have any and recovered just fine, there's no reason you shouldn't as well. If you want the names of my gi doc and surgeon, let me know.
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