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Popping In Throat When Lying Down

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About 7 months ago I had a cough (that originated from my throat) for 6-7 weeks. My neighbor gave it to me...who also had it for 6-7 weeks. When it finally went away I was left with a popping/clicking sound in my throat when I lie down on my side. It feels like an air bubble popping. If I lie on my back it is different-it sound like tiny air bubbles popping. If I lie on my left side, I get no sound. I do have a history of acid reflux. Recently, my neck has started to hurt. It feels like a sore tendon running from my ear to my collar bone. It feels like a bruise at my collar bone. I know this is a thyroid/lymph node area. I sometime get a mild earache on the same side as my neck pain. The popping and the neck pain may not be related but 2 different issues. Anyone have any info on this type of thing?
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replied August 5th, 2009
Throat Pop
It's Aug of 2009. I was wondering if you ever got better and if so how? I am having the same symptoms you describe and I've had them for about 8 weeks. It all started with a Pop in my throat when I was drinking water one day. Have been to a ENT and had a CatScan and nothing shows wrong. I'm desperate.
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