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Itchy Scrotum/balls Sac

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For the past year or two, the skin on my sac have been itching from time to time. Sometimes it goes to my penis. I always rub it/scratch it to relieve the itch, but then after that it starts hurting and it starts cracking. There's always dead skin on it that I usually peel off.

What can I do to stop this itchyness?
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First Helper boog714

replied October 23rd, 2007
anyone can help?
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replied October 25th, 2007
Especially eHealthy
First of all, occasional itching is normal.

But if you have to itch so much that your skin is cracking, it sounds like it's really dry. Have you been checked for any kind of infection (fungal or something) I would start there. Go to the doctor.
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replied August 12th, 2010
Solution here !!!
Most people would not be helping when they offer advice, but I am. Stop eating, garlic, it works for my problem. You know how I found out? I smelled garlic when scratching myself, the skin cracked and some fluids secreted which had strong garlic smell, no, use your nose and find out what is it that you eat is causing the itch. Not eating garlic makes my night cool and comfortable, i also take a health immunization supplement that completely takes away the itchness (itching is a auto-immune symptom, as you may know). Let me know if skipping garlic works for you guys, and drop me a line if you need more advice. my email: choocpa@hotmail

Btw, never go to the doctors, they just play by the book, they won't observe/smell your texticles like you would by yourself.
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