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tonsils and uvula swollen

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I have have swollen tonsils for almost 6 months now i have seen 2 doctors and we have ruled out sinus infection , mono. , and strep throat. Ive ben one several differant anti-inflammatory's but nothings getting better. i also have white gunk on my tonsils and its progressing getting worse because now my uvula is swollen. could you give me some advice? thank you for your time
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replied March 15th, 2009
Sounds like an infection.Maybe your tonsils are purulent.(with pus)and the moment the MD saw you it was not visible from his angle of view but maybe you notice some bad odor or kind of "musky"odor.This could be a symptom of infection.You don't have to be feverish to have tonsilitis.What i do when that happens is mix equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and water and do gargles,then wash my mouth to protect the teeth.Maybe and only maybe, the uvula is irritated because you are not breathing normally and your throat is dry.But check again with your MD and tell him(her) that you do see the white spots and you are really preocupied. Insist. PS:I do the gargles at least two times a day. Morning and night and i try to be careful with food .Sodas,sugar and flour are very atractive to bacteria. But food in general get stuck in the tonsils and putrified and bacteria grows happy there.
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