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Tonsil stones, sore throat, ear pain and fatigue

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I'm 23. I have not had my tonsils out and over the past year or so I've been getting frequent tonsil stones, headaches, red, inflamed tonsils and throat and ear pain. I've also been extremely tired all the time. I get bouts of it every 2-3 weeks and it lasts for about 3-5 days. The symptoms have also been getting worse. A tonsil stone that I removed on my own today measured about 3 x 1cm. It was clearly visible in my throat when I opened my mouth, and I think there's more in there still that is not visible, as I'm still hurting and feeling like there's a foreign object lodged in my throat. I've seen my family doctor about it and she didn't seem to be concerned. When I went to see her about it, one of my episodes was on its way out so I'm not sure if she's aware of the severity. I tried to tell her what was going on but she just brushed it off, and said that she did not recommend getting the tonsils removed or even doing anything about this, but it's getting hard to live with. All I want to do is sleep all the time and it's painful to swallow. Should I go to the doctor again and try to get another opinion? It is really not worth getting the tonsils removed at this age? Might these symptoms subside as I get older?
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replied April 14th, 2012
tonsil stone pain
I feel your pain, I too am suffering from tonsil stones im 21 they just started when i turned 20 or rather got bothersome to where they hurt. My throat will start out sore then it becomes worse then my ears unless i remove them, which seems impossible every time, i swear the recede back into the tonsil canal or what not. I read about a girl getting it done when she was 28 because she would have to get them out every day or week.
Im sorry if this doesnt help much i know how much of a pain they are, maybe you should just ask around i have found that garlic mixed with lemon juice and a little soda put it on a qtip and touch the tonsil area and the swelling seems to go down as well as the tonsil stone, i have yet to remove this most recent one though as of yet but at least its not as big as it was.
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replied May 5th, 2014
I would consult an ear/throat specialist. I am currently getting them again at 33. Last time I remember was 17-19. I also had a doctor that dismissed it claimed it was food. She dislodged one and left it in my mouth! Shortly after I had severe strep at 17.

My guess is overall health related. I have not exercised or eaten as healthy lately, so consumed with our new baby. Reduce and or eliminate alcohol and sugars.

For relief I gargle several different things: (only one at a time) hydrogen-peroxide diluted with water; salt water; mother apple cider vinegar (very rough yet effective, or just swallow a TBSP); or whiskey.
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