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I'm using the term tobacco because I used to smoke and now I chew. not a safe alternative by the way. I quit once for 5 years and then let one of my ex's get me hooked again. this time around it seems much harder to quit and the last time I thought it was gonna drive me insane. 3 years ago I was up to 2.5 cans per day now it's 1 can to about 3 - 4 days. it's getting there but it's a slow process for me. for anyone trying to quit any type of nicotine related habit and this is just from my own personal experience so it might be different with you. the best way to quit is to decide to quit on the spot and hold to that decision. sure there are drugs you can take or try to taper off but in the end your body is always going to crave the habit of the action as well as the physical biological/chemical addiction that goes along with it. Just have to say no and mean it. which is what I'm attempting to do once again.
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