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Unique Case: Screwed Up Right Side of Mandible
bagofgummys  362 views
Last post: 02-25-2014 16:11pm
Unique Case: I screwed up the right side of my lower jaw
bagofgummys  345 views
Last post: 02-21-2014 01:39am
could this be TMJ? a jaw problem?
Keeley345  305 views
Last post: 02-20-2014 22:12pm
Tmj stealing my life
Skgoblue1245  441 views
Last post: 02-19-2014 18:05pm
Jaw Pain
mjs  8811 views
Last post: 02-16-2014 22:53pm
Chiropractor cured my TMJD after suffering with it for 2 years!
Anna0289  800 views
Last post: 02-13-2014 17:14pm
Are over the counter mouth guards worth getting?
1625  388 views
Last post: 02-11-2014 17:16pm
Non-surgical treatment for jaw asymmetry?
matth_80  13254 views
Last post: 02-08-2014 20:21pm
branj12  5845 views
Last post: 02-07-2014 10:27am
Singing exercise: applying to TMJ
zerenitynow  2373 views
Last post: 01-31-2014 16:41pm
Any Tmj Specialist In India?
lati  4318 views
Last post: 01-29-2014 10:58am
Urged to move my jaw in order to pop the left ear
nameisalread...  425 views
Last post: 01-28-2014 15:45pm
Tmj Trigeminal Neuralgia? Can Tmj Cause Symptoms By Swelling?? No new posts
jawcrunch  24179 views
Last post: 01-28-2014 08:24am
Severe pain in left side of face
al137  372 views
Last post: 01-25-2014 14:56pm
How are you dealing with night bruxism?
Derok  380 views
Last post: 01-24-2014 12:11pm
Splint making teeth ache
vioburn  751 views
Last post: 01-24-2014 10:55am
tmj and excess saliva
DeMarie  13100 views
Last post: 01-24-2014 10:30am
jaw out of alignment, won't stay in place...
freakier_dar...  718 views
Last post: 01-24-2014 10:26am
Diagnostic splint - wear it all day and night?
EyeG  330 views
Last post: 01-24-2014 10:20am
TMJ from stress, one side worse than the other, alt swelling
Hope1013  482 views
Last post: 01-18-2014 18:31pm
Can orthodontics lead to TMJ?
callmenik  459 views
Last post: 01-18-2014 14:10pm
Can impacted wisdom tooth cause jaw misalignment/TMJ?
breakonthrou...  903 views
Last post: 01-16-2014 23:14pm
Can't open my mouth all the way. What is this?
billy1995pro...  441 views
Last post: 01-16-2014 11:37am
TMJ Jaw Concern
hexan  331 views
Last post: 01-15-2014 08:14am
Sore jaw on the left hand side
Amygraham14  287 views
Last post: 01-13-2014 07:18am
tmj with vertigo and tinnitus
edmim  492 views
Last post: 01-11-2014 22:19pm
TMJ and massage
Nameless1949  317 views
Last post: 01-10-2014 10:49am
Who To See In Los Angeles?
tmjcali  304 views
Last post: 01-09-2014 15:28pm
Teeth still cracking even with splint?
Rodi77  365 views
Last post: 01-09-2014 09:44am
Metal Taste
tconwayrhap  7348 views
Last post: 01-07-2014 14:47pm
TMJ caused by dental malocclusion ?
Biani  6823 views
Last post: 01-06-2014 19:03pm
Hoping it's TMJ and not a Tumor?
Jbritt1017  388 views
Last post: 01-05-2014 20:17pm
Jaw issue,who to see first and opinions on what needs to be done
findinganswers  398 views
Last post: 01-04-2014 08:49am
TMJ: ringing in ears, popping in jaw, and clicking in throat?
alexandralorain  677 views
Last post: 12-31-2013 01:56am
Auralgan (Aurax) is it 4 ear burning & pain due to pressure
asu49  357 views
Last post: 12-28-2013 04:21am
Confused is the mouthpiece actually something that I need?
BigJack  366 views
Last post: 12-28-2013 01:21am
TMJ, stiffness, tightness, lightheadedness, dizzyness, pain
quentin44  434 views
Last post: 12-25-2013 12:02pm
Dizziness, headaches, and hearing problems
extol  376 views
Last post: 12-24-2013 01:44am
TMJ and neck and shoulder pain No new posts
GoonaWin  24921 views
Last post: 12-22-2013 23:35pm
How do I compare with other TMJ sufferers
LnLInvestments  442 views
Last post: 12-22-2013 11:59am
Which pillow best for TMJ?!
casey_314  390 views
Last post: 12-20-2013 19:00pm
Mouth limited opening
Hejsann  4377 views
Last post: 12-14-2013 23:01pm
Tongue, teeth irritation?
Ouch13  356 views
Last post: 12-11-2013 13:28pm
After Adderall - Misalignment of Teeth, Headache, Crackling
Elmasticator  412 views
Last post: 12-10-2013 09:12am
anyone else have these symptoms? how severe is my case?
grumpyTiger  399 views
Last post: 12-10-2013 02:36am
Dislocated Jaw No new posts
randomsearcher  134521 views
Last post: 12-08-2013 22:52pm
Tmj Specialist and how to find another patient in your area%u202
klpeach  347 views
Last post: 12-08-2013 22:47pm
Can new dental fillings lead to TMJ?
RTL89  3401 views
Last post: 12-08-2013 22:44pm
New nm orthotic bite splint
dalandem  641 views
Last post: 12-08-2013 03:01am
Possible relief technique w/ pterygoid muscle
mattyb429  348 views
Last post: 12-07-2013 14:37pm

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