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Fluoride and my new TMJ strategy
ajc21  2802 views
Last post: 12-22-2015 09:09am
Magnesium Has Helped Me- Tmj Pain Is Gone! No new posts
crazymomof4  66871 views
Last post: 12-18-2015 17:54pm
Disorientation and hearing loss anyone else in the same boat?
KirstyJanesJ...  824 views
Last post: 12-18-2015 17:07pm
Chronic TMJ Natural Redemies
AMota  369 views
Last post: 12-18-2015 14:34pm
Degenerative jaw and TMJ
petiteamour  2509 views
Last post: 12-15-2015 12:18pm
CS0226  304 views
Last post: 12-14-2015 18:26pm
Is this TMJ? Not sure where to go, or what I should do about th
kc44135  348 views
Last post: 12-13-2015 12:56pm
TMJ And Facial Swelling On Mandible No new posts
Nervy  36315 views
Last post: 12-12-2015 11:12am
How do I end this cycle of pain and anxiety
Gooey  346 views
Last post: 12-11-2015 20:08pm
feeling more balanced with the New splint
Bethany2  293 views
Last post: 12-05-2015 17:28pm
how does TMJ causes the neck to hurt so bad.
Bethany2  278 views
Last post: 11-30-2015 20:11pm
Tingling In Face No new posts
ephillips413  64976 views
Last post: 11-29-2015 16:32pm
Amitriptyline and periods
Chicky81  18485 views
Last post: 11-27-2015 18:03pm
Does anyone ever take aspirin for their TMJ?
Bethany2  253 views
Last post: 11-27-2015 15:27pm
Headache above ear
Ditapage  312 views
Last post: 11-26-2015 21:03pm
Bad Bite After Giving Birth
MommyGin  7307 views
Last post: 11-25-2015 23:08pm
TMJ Salivary Gland Problems?
Kyankyan  282 views
Last post: 11-23-2015 16:53pm
Eagle's syndrome No new posts
metalcrystal  45991 views
Last post: 11-19-2015 06:27am
pain in my jaws, to my ears, to my neck, to my shoulders.
Crysta8097  1126 views
Last post: 11-18-2015 18:40pm
Benadryl seemed to make my face feel better
Bethany2  273 views
Last post: 11-17-2015 09:25am
Strange Feeling in lips
Bethany2  236 views
Last post: 11-15-2015 13:33pm
TMJ aggravated by retainer ?
rd1010  7333 views
Last post: 11-05-2015 03:50am
Dislocated Jaw, cheek bones painful causing pain to my ear
WanakuJamali  286 views
Last post: 10-31-2015 21:50pm
Drugs to stop bruxing No new posts
zeldovich  17547 views
Last post: 10-28-2015 11:05am
losing muscle tone in the face and jaws.
Bethany2  394 views
Last post: 10-26-2015 16:01pm
TMJ pain in neck
Breznev  7497 views
Last post: 10-25-2015 16:37pm
only on ibuprofen, Please share your plan of treatment
Bethany2  638 views
Last post: 10-25-2015 16:03pm
pain got progressively worse after I wore a headband
BlanchCat  279 views
Last post: 10-24-2015 00:21am
Temporal Tendonitis Pain
Bethany2  286 views
Last post: 10-22-2015 17:51pm
Tmj asymmetrical jaw
Biglu23  234 views
Last post: 10-21-2015 17:06pm
terrible spasm in my lower jaw.
Bethany2  320 views
Last post: 10-19-2015 19:15pm
Should I get an MRI to see if the disc is slipping?
driver89  2017 views
Last post: 10-17-2015 14:35pm
MRI for jaw pain?
Bethany2  533 views
Last post: 10-17-2015 14:27pm
TMJ total joint replacement -has anyone had one?
Sjudson65  316 views
Last post: 10-17-2015 14:04pm
Intermittent Jaw Pain, Swollen Lymph Nodes under jaw
Askinggsdgnfssn  369 views
Last post: 10-16-2015 08:00am
Out of balance feeling ?
beanerita  18918 views
Last post: 10-15-2015 18:55pm
jaw constantly feels like it is bound up. Possible TMJ?
Gibson2country  263 views
Last post: 10-15-2015 11:16am
How bad is your tmj and how long have you had it?
Davos464  316 views
Last post: 10-14-2015 21:37pm
The bite splint that I got is just like a retainer.
Davos464  273 views
Last post: 10-13-2015 18:35pm
TMJ - pressure in my ears.. maddening!! No new posts
RTL89  31555 views
Last post: 10-13-2015 10:42am
tooth has been hurting I'm not sure if my jaw is causing it
Fdlc  236 views
Last post: 10-12-2015 23:43pm
TMJ Sucess - Long Post but worth reading!!!
IrfanK  6029 views
Last post: 10-10-2015 16:31pm
In deperate need of help for TMJ (dizzyness-foggy brain)
DizzyDoug  7508 views
Last post: 10-10-2015 16:18pm
TMJ Excruciating Pain & Depression. Need advice.
GaryACSG156  2773 views
Last post: 10-10-2015 16:00pm
Nothing can cure my 10 year TMD/TMJ, considering death
alexgodhelpme  1725 views
Last post: 10-10-2015 15:54pm
Tmj-dizziness(bppv?) And Nausea No new posts
tlbhg  66506 views
Last post: 10-10-2015 15:49pm
TMJ - Is It Honestly Just Hopeless?
343v343  6422 views
Last post: 10-10-2015 15:44pm
Cured and overcome tmj disorder No new posts
youwon  22114 views
Last post: 10-10-2015 15:39pm
Tmj is it curable ?
Lama3985  1045 views
Last post: 10-10-2015 15:09pm
"out of it feeling 24/7" is this just tmj?
KirstyJanesJ...  1144 views
Last post: 10-10-2015 15:05pm
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