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how do i know if its my tjm playing up or a toothache? No new posts
DoctorQuestion  610 views
Last post: 08-02-2015 20:57pm
does cavitational disease have any validity? No new posts
DoctorQuestion  571 views
Last post: 08-01-2015 12:07pm
tmjd, poor posture. i have neck pain, headaches No new posts
DoctorQuestion  790 views
Last post: 06-24-2015 12:42pm
Acupuncture for TMJ?
Gabs327  76 views
Last post: 08-26-2015 00:26am
How do I sleep?
Gabs327  77 views
Last post: 08-26-2015 00:15am
Maxillofacial Surgery Effective?
bgulminelli  75 views
Last post: 08-25-2015 13:20pm
Pulsatile Tinnitus
saltyk9  11892 views
Last post: 08-23-2015 09:14am
Is Chronic Temple pain/pressure TMJ ?
Marka121  102 views
Last post: 08-22-2015 13:41pm
Has anyone's tmj been cured?
Casscass09  103 views
Last post: 08-22-2015 10:52am
Tingling in face
Bethany2  110 views
Last post: 08-16-2015 15:17pm
I have dangerously several case of TMJ! How can I fix this.
Dergencramer  130 views
Last post: 08-16-2015 02:09am
TMJ is ruining my life, need some answers or help.
KirstyJanesJ...  860 views
Last post: 08-15-2015 17:47pm
TMJ and 'tooth' pain
thesuninherhead  10452 views
Last post: 08-10-2015 22:06pm
Recent Tmj diagnosis from dentist
Carriemh  148 views
Last post: 08-06-2015 08:21am
pain in my jaws, to my ears, to my neck, to my shoulders.
Crysta8097  558 views
Last post: 08-04-2015 11:55am
Ear fullness, but no pain?
RandyClause  204 views
Last post: 08-04-2015 11:53am
cool air draws up my muscles when I'm sleeping
Bethany2  270 views
Last post: 08-04-2015 11:50am
Jaw Spasms, Don't know what it is... No new posts
KDaniel  5010 views
Last post: 08-04-2015 11:47am
burning pain along my jaw line.
Bethany2  212 views
Last post: 08-02-2015 21:03pm
dr. said that theres nothing more that can be done
lscudder23  459 views
Last post: 08-02-2015 20:54pm
neck pain and headaches with Tmj?
Heff1997  179 views
Last post: 08-02-2015 20:49pm
MRI for jaw pain?
Bethany2  155 views
Last post: 08-01-2015 12:44pm
Nothing can cure my 10 year TMD/TMJ, considering death
alexgodhelpme  926 views
Last post: 08-01-2015 12:42pm
TMJ - pressure in my ears.. maddening!! No new posts
RTL89  25483 views
Last post: 08-01-2015 12:38pm
Would rather die than live with TMJ. No new posts
jmr12686  28187 views
Last post: 08-01-2015 12:24pm
TMJ is ruining my life! :( Dizziness 24/7 No new posts
choppersgirl  8934 views
Last post: 07-29-2015 01:59am
Looking for TMJ Specialist in Atlanta
Standis  170 views
Last post: 07-22-2015 12:25pm
Where do I turn? would jaw realignment help me?
Zoe1  140 views
Last post: 07-21-2015 06:32am
fat grafts
uga2000  143 views
Last post: 07-20-2015 14:13pm
Dizziness Connected to Tmj? No new posts
luvmyboxer  13700 views
Last post: 07-15-2015 22:55pm
Could the dental injection have done something to my jaw?
xbmitchx  210 views
Last post: 07-15-2015 07:07am
Tmj disorder, dont see the end...
CarlosSpa  413 views
Last post: 07-15-2015 03:37am
Facial Asymmetry?! No new posts
ATC813  21506 views
Last post: 07-09-2015 08:26am
only on ibuprofen, Please share your plan of treatment
Bethany2  226 views
Last post: 07-08-2015 18:00pm
Sexual responsiveness after Jaw-Joint Replacement surgery
Terry67  200 views
Last post: 07-06-2015 13:12pm
TMJ and Smoking
Bethany2  175 views
Last post: 07-03-2015 16:12pm
face and jaw frequently ache, even when not eating/talking.
Reece1234  260 views
Last post: 06-28-2015 07:43am
TMJ Surgery?
daine11  280 views
Last post: 06-27-2015 12:19pm
Jaw shifted and could not speak not close jaw
Sophie2461  391 views
Last post: 06-26-2015 00:31am
TMJ dentist said I might have Ernest Syndrome instead!
RTL89  3614 views
Last post: 06-22-2015 20:17pm
Not sure if TMJ D or not?
JA85  154 views
Last post: 06-20-2015 06:20am
Tip: Pop Your Jaw Back No new posts
inane5  198914 views
Last post: 06-13-2015 17:24pm
Sudden, temporary swelling and pressure at the jaw hinge.
erma  29200 views
Last post: 06-09-2015 00:01am
TMJ after root canal? No new posts
sweetsorrow18  29131 views
Last post: 06-08-2015 02:56am
Is my TMJ muscle related? Surgery isn't a solution right?
victor2399  279 views
Last post: 06-05-2015 15:38pm
TMJ TENS Treatment
rd1010  17362 views
Last post: 06-03-2015 19:52pm
TMJ Ear Symptoms
PerplexingIssue  2405 views
Last post: 05-28-2015 17:48pm
making state mandate TMJ coverage No new posts
edgaras  8166 views
Last post: 05-26-2015 14:37pm
Disorientation and hearing loss anyone else in the same boat?
KirstyJanesJ...  270 views
Last post: 05-22-2015 16:13pm
Anyone else have their jaw bone grow thicker?
chey519  1408 views
Last post: 05-16-2015 20:40pm
Tmj is it curable ?
Lama3985  568 views
Last post: 05-09-2015 00:25am
TMJ doc in Boston
dldoehd  243 views
Last post: 05-06-2015 22:20pm
tmj and visual snow
bokbok  3302 views
Last post: 05-06-2015 17:28pm

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