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I'm very thankful for this ehealth forum. Reading other people's posts about their suffering with TMJD helps me cope with mine. When I feel soooo sick and feeling like I'm dying, I just think that no one died of TMJD. Also knowing that others with TMJD are living their life the way they could is encouraging. This TMJD takes a whole lot out off me, mentally and physically. I feel like I'm going insane and in jail without a way out. It is horrible to be sooo sick like this and the illness is not covered by medical health insurance. Sometimes I just want to give up, so much pain/suffering with added financial burden due to TMJD is not covered by medical insurance.
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replied December 20th, 2010
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Yes, I've read someone wrote about a family member killing himself due to TMJD but TMJD does not kill itself like cancer does. I've suffered soooo much due to this TMJD and I really do not blame someone if they ended their lives.

Thank you for responding.
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