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Tingling Feeling in Body

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I'm new here and I've had this weird ability since I was 7. I can consciously generate a really strong tingling feeling in my body at will. I've seen a few forums on this, but not many as it is not well known (at least I don't think it is). I could really use some answers preferably medical. I've already read a bunch about this, but now I'm just seeing the same thing over and over again.

Now for starters this ability is triggered almost instantly, but I can only hold it for 30 seconds because of intensity. It weakens when I move, but considerably less if concentrated on the spinal cord (origin point of feeling). Muscle strength increases noticeably for the bursts.

The intensity of the feeling causes light spasms in limbs when held for more than 15 seconds. I can focus it anywhere in my body (some areas more intense than others). Heart rate increases when "effuse" as I call it is performed, and decreases rapidly when stopped. Pain is also numbed quickly after performed, but begins a few seconds post effuse.

I know I'm not an extra special snow flake I'm just looking for some insight. To narrow down the subject its not qui, prana, adrenaline, or kundalini. It can be done in any individual limb at the drop of a hat is not adrenaline), and I haven't mediated in my life (ie not anything spiritual involving meditation). I believe it has something to do with my nervous system as it feels stronger in areas with large amounts of nerves and blood vessels. Any help is appreciated especially professional thnx :3.
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replied November 7th, 2016
Oh and energy levels spike and aggression increases. Also if a lot if bursts are done consecutively or done a lot throughout the day I feel drained.
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