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Thick, clear, jelly like globs in mucus, and semen.

Hi, I'm nineteen years old, suffered prostatitis symptoms with varying severity after trauma to the prostate for over 7 months, during that time also dealing with what I thought were allergies. Constantly I've had a sticky mucus in my throat that (sorry this may get gross) has clumps of clear, sometimes stringy, silicon jelly type stuff.It feels as though it either drips down from my right ear, or nostril, or both, because I can feel my right ear a bit clogged compared to the other, and when it feels normal and clear (very rare and brief), my ear also feels clear. At times I can swallow and I can feel it pull this massive stuck clump a little bit farther out of my ear or wherever it is. Yesterday I woke up to a scary sight - a large amount of this silicon jelly, with no mucus in it on my arm next to my mouth. I took it to the doctor with me and showed my doctor who said he'd never seen a respitory discharge like that in the 20 years he's been a doctor, though to my surprise had no interest in testing it for anything. The reason I include my prostatis symptoms is because on some occasions I have found this material in my semen which is quite scary. A lot if times it feels like its always in there, sort of clogging the tubes if you will, making it harder to actually release anything when I ejaculate. My doctor took bloodwork, told me the only thing he could think of that would do something like that is cystic fibrosis (god forbid) and he added that it would be extremely unlikely, as it's a genetic disease found usually as a small child. My questions are: are these things related? And is there anyone with similar symptoms with any results on a diagnosis or treatment? Help! It's becoming almost unbearable to deal with everyday, constantly clearing my throat, and pulling whatever's in there, out. Ive taken prescription allergy nose spray, on top of zyrtec-D with little results, and been on antibiotics like bactrim and ceftin and one other for month long trials each. I mentioned Candida to my doctor and he basically told me they don't believe in it infecting people, because he could literally test anything in the room and it would show positive. So that's some what out.

I'm a smoker, marijuanna and cigarettes, not extremely heavy maybe about 7 cigarettes a day max, and maybe about 4 small bowls. I'm really doubting the cystic fibrosis because, I mean, wouldn't I have had SOME kind of indication earlier in childhood and not just within the past year? I'm not like, susceptible to respitory infections or anything like that either, and this stuff isn't in my lungs, just in the throat area, maybe sometimes in my lower throat. And it's not like I just started smoking, I've been smoking since i was 14 and never had these problems. I'm cutting back largely on the smoking. I'm wondering if I might possibly be allergic to something in the weed, because these throat symptoms seem to occur more after I smoke than when I'm sober, and I've always felt a little less able to breathe right after smoking and for about 20 minutes after, ever since the first time. Any help on this issue would be MUCH appreciated.

And to paint a better picture (I apologise) of this material, imagine stirring jello untill its in tiny little glob pieces. Now imagine them clear, and thick and stretchy.
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replied February 14th, 2012
I have the same thing, in my semen when I ejaculate thick stringy tube shaped mucus, and also constant mucus from my nose and throat. The difference is I have these plugs in my lungs as well. I can forcefully cough up these thick round shaped mucus "plugs" as well. Been going to doctors to find out what it's all about. I'll advise when I do.

Did you get a diagnosis yet??

I'm 40 and don't think it's CF either.
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replied August 5th, 2012
re: gobs of mucus
give up all grains and dairy for 2 weeks and see if that helps... if it does, start looking into those types of diets... good luck!
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replied January 15th, 2016
Hi, i have a similar problem, except I'm female. I cough up sticky, jelly-like balls that may or may not have hard stringy bits in, i too smoke weed and cigarettes and have thought that could be the problem, but ive been smoking cigarettes since i was 13 and weed since i was 15, i am 18 now, and i have only had my chest problems for around 1-1 1/2 years. I also get discharge (sorry) which i know is normal but most of the time it is like what i cough up but without the hard, stringy bits. Some times it light and barely any some days can be really bad. I have had this problem since i can remember so i know its not down to that. I also get really bad stomach ache and shooting pains that lead me to literally double over.

Also, i have found it really hard to have an orgasm, i get so close and then all of a sudden its gone. Obviously this winds me up and makes it hard for me to feel good in bed. I find it hard to get wet if even, which makes it worse, even with lube sometimes, having weed actually sometimes helps this but not by much.

I have heard a lot about men having this problem but not women, well, the ones i have read about only occour on their periods, and usually they say its never happened, and mine is usually during the other 3 weeks of the month, just clots the other week. I havent been to the doctors (i try to avoid it) im not a big fan of going.

Im sorry about all the gross and personal stuff.
If anybody else has this problem, i would be grateful to know what the best thing to do is or any advice that will help.
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