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Swollen Scrotum Sack after Swollen Neck
MrSwelley  1092 views
Last post: 09-07-2012 13:18pm
Epididimys pain due to overmasturbation IMO
xyz27  810 views
Last post: 09-02-2012 23:44pm
Left Testicle Larger and Hangs Lower Then Right
nike9  4091 views
Last post: 09-02-2012 12:01pm
slight testicle pain and right testicle slightly bigger
Alfred1597  631 views
Last post: 09-01-2012 23:30pm
Pain in balls during pubrity...? Please help
ultimadwarf  616 views
Last post: 08-30-2012 13:30pm
Epididymitis-orchitis- what medicine should be taken?
91tutu  1364 views
Last post: 08-29-2012 08:56am
mild groin pain & inflammation after epididymitis-orchitis
91tutu  1095 views
Last post: 08-27-2012 13:40pm
Aching Testicles maybe its because I'm unfit?
Dans124  996 views
Last post: 08-26-2012 15:12pm
Slight Groin pain and movable lump in scrotum
hugoname  1432 views
Last post: 08-25-2012 22:14pm
Swelling of testicles danger to my future?
nikh  917 views
Last post: 08-23-2012 23:20pm
hydroechoic area at epididymis, lower back, pelvic & testicu
manrock111  590 views
Last post: 08-23-2012 14:11pm
Alot of extra skin on testicles.
richman15  1150 views
Last post: 08-22-2012 11:16am
one-is swollen. it is also sensitive and getting worse!
MyNameEsJess...  517 views
Last post: 08-22-2012 00:00am
one testicle and weird hair growth
ermahgerdberks  851 views
Last post: 08-21-2012 17:32pm
boxers were tight, pain when I scratch or touch my testicles
EazyE  829 views
Last post: 08-16-2012 20:00pm
Hydrocele surgery- 8 months later testicle still 50% bigger
SteffonHelton  978 views
Last post: 08-14-2012 00:46am
Non-painful swelling at top of scrotum
woill6943  2676 views
Last post: 08-13-2012 21:21pm
Swollen testciles and "leathery" scrotum, but no pain
James80  2379 views
Last post: 08-09-2012 21:39pm
Foul smell emanating from testicles and small bumps.
Anon2233  1205 views
Last post: 08-09-2012 15:46pm
pain in anus and groin and testicles. epididimytis?
amkp  2488 views
Last post: 08-09-2012 06:37am
Half a scrotum, 1 testicle half the size than the other.
Clark24  1050 views
Last post: 08-08-2012 20:59pm
Everlasting lump the testicle throbs a little...
scott517  638 views
Last post: 08-07-2012 17:44pm
Testicles started to hurt really badly. It hurt real bad!
Concernteen  904 views
Last post: 08-07-2012 12:21pm
Constant Testicle pain is going out through my groin.
Red X  1522 views
Last post: 08-06-2012 23:00pm
Groin Pain - Not Hernia
tjquill  30396 views
Last post: 08-06-2012 22:53pm
i have left testicle pain help!
DanTheElf  873 views
Last post: 08-04-2012 22:52pm
Testicular lump! Help please!!
Teenager1234  746 views
Last post: 08-04-2012 14:06pm
teste is smaller and little harder and goesup sometime
taatparjyo  794 views
Last post: 08-04-2012 04:37am
Testicles sweat and have been itching a little.
madea00  658 views
Last post: 08-04-2012 00:23am
Small pea-sized bumb on scrotum
Nyron778  2823 views
Last post: 08-03-2012 20:38pm
Pain in left testicles .....after cycling and...
Aditya1111  642 views
Last post: 08-02-2012 12:55pm
right testicle is large than the left testicle & pain
brajan  712 views
Last post: 08-01-2012 01:51am
need help with white lumps PICTURES
helpmeplease96  729 views
Last post: 07-31-2012 07:34am
Hydrocele Discomfort in Abdomen
Arizon  702 views
Last post: 07-29-2012 15:49pm
Found some lumps in my scrotum, wondering if cancerous lumps.
bertman14  1084 views
Last post: 07-29-2012 01:21am
One testicle bigger than the other.
nikoleo9  32610 views
Last post: 07-23-2012 12:40pm
Lump surrounding Testicle
noycety  658 views
Last post: 07-23-2012 01:32am
Purplish Color On Testicles?
Pacoman  1372 views
Last post: 07-22-2012 15:55pm
Dry Scrotum Skin
davidfaux  1533 views
Last post: 07-22-2012 02:53am
please help! bad pain at the top of the testicle
rever  943 views
Last post: 07-21-2012 16:14pm
3 testicles
elbose  1374 views
Last post: 07-21-2012 15:58pm
Small Lump on Testicle the size of a pinhead.
Tom1992  3291 views
Last post: 07-18-2012 18:34pm
Dry, wrinkly skin on scrotum
mynameissam  3108 views
Last post: 07-14-2012 10:50am
Testicular Movement
christy2627  18620 views
Last post: 07-12-2012 11:53am
Very irritated genital region. STD or fungal?
Cannondalef600  977 views
Last post: 07-11-2012 18:20pm
Epididymal need to worry?
Rasheed18  6627 views
Last post: 07-09-2012 17:35pm
Lumps on/under the skin, on scrotum.
LarryK  3564 views
Last post: 07-09-2012 07:36am
a pea sized lump or ball above my testicles.
seeohdwhy  2294 views
Last post: 07-08-2012 14:34pm
Rash on testicles not yeast, used fungal cream, any ideas?
mydayfriday  1776 views
Last post: 07-08-2012 14:29pm
testicle lump noticed at least 15 years ago, very sensitive
canes  734 views
Last post: 07-08-2012 05:43am

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