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Swollen jaw wont go away!!

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Hi I am new to this forum and I have a really worrying problem. I will try to explain the best I can.
Firstly my bottom right wisdom tooth is not fully through the gum. It is about half way but has been like this for ages and doesn't look like it is going to come through. It has got sore a few times and I have been put on antibiotics. It is not bothering me now but the gum is all inflamed around it. Now for about 4 months on and off I have had a hard lump on my jawline. I can feel on the outside and i also had a bubble directly behind it on the inside of my mouth. It is not next to the wisdom tooth but about the 3rd molar on the same side. I have been on antibiotics about 4 separate times now and this helps great but doesn't get rid! The last lot got rid of the red bubble in my mouth but could still feel a slight lump on the outside of my mouth/jawline. Dentist has done numerous X-rays and all are coming back clear? I also have no pain but can feel it. It has swollen up again today and feels like a small golf ball from the outside. It is really worrying me now as it won't completely go away!! Any ideas what is going on?? Could it be related to my wisdom tooth even tho it isn't directly under that?
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