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Suddenly came a ring around the penis head.

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I am 25 year old man who haven't done any sex with a woman yet.
For some time I used to pull my foreskin little hard when masturbating and gradually I could get it down from the penis head.
Yesterday (14th) I pulled it hard and the whole head part came out suddenly and couldn't replace it as it was.
(As I read, this might be the incident called circumcise.)

However after some time, I could see a kind of jelly ring around the head, just in between the skin and the head. The worst thing is now it has become more thick and feel very tickle when touching even with the underwear.

I can't do masturbating since I feel tightening the penis in the erection now. I think it is not usual when I see it, but cannot imagine what happened within one day.
Please help me on what is going on with my penis.
Let me know if you need more information, will upload a photo if want.
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replied June 18th, 2012
Community Volunteer
Sounds like you have a tight foreskin and may require
some stretching exercises to be able to retract the foreskin.

All men with foreskin should be able to roll the skin
back with ease and expose the head so they can clean
with a mild soap and rinse off then dry and roll the
foreskin back over the head.
You should be able to roll the skin back when erect as well.
The Jelly ring you describe sounds like smegma which
you wash off by rolling the skin back to clean.

Have a read of this members thread. html
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replied June 18th, 2012
Went for a doctor and he adjusted it as it was Smile
He said the gel has to be kept to cure by itself and not to pull the foreskin until it's getting cured. However, since it is inside the foreskin now, the pain is not there.
He also advised me to do a circumcise before getting married.
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