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Stomach ulcers and abnormal white blood cells

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I have been suffering from a chronic stomach disorder for two years. I'm quite young to have all these problems. I get intestinal cramping, fever, nausea, and diarrhea. It is perhaps one of the most painful things I have ever dealt with.

I had a lot of testing done last summer and found out I had a diseased gal bladder. This is what we thought was the answer, but it wasn't. I had it removed but I kept getting sick.

I have recently gotten worse as time progresses. My weight has dropped. I had a Cat Scan of my abdomen and everything came back alright. A few weeks ago I had an Upper GI and Colonoscopy. There they found 20 or so ulcers in my stomach. After looking at the biopsy, they found an abnormal amount of white blood cells in my stomach as well.

I have gotten blood work done and know I don't have Celiac Disease.

I need an answer or a direction I should be heading to so my family and I can find an answer.

Thank you,
Rachel Mackenzie
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