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stomach tightness after only eating small amount

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Hi I am a 41 yr old male I am 6' and weight 165 lbs, the last few weeks I noticed when I eat I get so full and my stomach gets so tight and I get pains that last for hours after I eat with the tightness that feels like I am going to pop open. The last few years I know I have been watching what I eat more spicy stuff gives me heartburn alot. I can't get in to see my Dr for 2 more weeks ( I go to a free clininc where I am unemployed and don't have much money or any insurance for Dr visits/test and all)
I don't won't to wait if I may have some sort of blockage in my intestins or my stomach, or pollops or even some type of cancer, My dad had ulcers & pollops when he was younger ( had to have half his stomach removed when he was my age) . I also the last few days get pain under both sides of my ribs.
I have read on the internet places where I might need to do the "Colon Cleaning" thing, so I have been eating less and drinking apple/prune juice, more fiber and detox teas, and activia yogurt to add good bacteria in my stomach, and keep me regular which I have not been lately. The tightness seems to be getting worse the last few days, even with doing the cleaning (cleaning me out) thing so far., I can only eat just real small amounts and I start feeling tightness/pain/fullness some morning when I first get up and get started I already feel that way before even eating anything...I do eat a banana each day as a while back I went to the ER because they said my potassium was real low and I was passing out/ and was losing feeling in my hands and feet, and hyperventaliting (not happened in a while tho)

Any ideals what this could be I really don't want to wait too long before able to find out what this is in case i have major problems I need to get taken care of

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replied April 20th, 2009
could u please post the response when u receive it, it will be greatly appreciated!
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replied July 17th, 2009
stomach pain after eating
Was wondering if you still had this problem?
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replied August 27th, 2009
Have you seen a Dr. yet and was there a Dx's yet because I have the same symptoms.I am having an ENDOSCOPE and COLONOSCOPY this coming Monday and I can't wait .I have had swollen distended abdomen for 8 months now and constipated,tired and just want this over because I'm so uncomfortable I can't stand it.When I hear whats going on with me I'll check back in.So good luck with everyone else.
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replied August 28th, 2009
Hi i have also this problem and i do not eat very much either and become very tight .
Did you get any help what did they think? hope you are okay.
I will keep looking at this to see what the outcome is.
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replied June 25th, 2010
me too
same problems here and im just 21 years old. feels like food isnt digesting and feels like i need to burb but cant, and when i finally do, it feels like im bout to vomit
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replied June 30th, 2010
Same here....I always feel like vomiting after eating.
The stomach is always tight, the whole body is just so uncomfortable because of that. And I keep burping, just continously for hours.

Please do let me know if there's an answer for this.

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replied April 20th, 2011
My solution
Y'all should try this. I had the same thing. I was watching the view the other day, (don't judge) and there was a nutritionist who said it is due to lack of DIGESTIVE ENZYMES. go to GNC (or wherever..) and get "super digestive enzymes" and also take Flax Seed oil, and ginger root. been on this remedy for 3 days. Almost cured. no joke.
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replied January 30th, 2012
hi I think I had the same problem but I find out this is not major , I had Chinese herbal tea for 2 weeks(
Slimming Tea) and now I am feeling much better and I can eat my food as I want this is the link below
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