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stomach knot

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I have a knot in my stomach you can actually see it through my skin. It gets real hard and pushes up out of my skin and i push on it and it goes down and appears again either in the same spot or moved over some. but it is always hard and i have it everyday. it can sometimes go away for a while or it just stays there. but my doctor thinks it is in my head cause she doesnt notice it. but everyone else notices it. i dont understand this. also for years i have said it feels like my spine is being crushed. and have had bad headaches where it feels like electric shocks in my head and i get ringing in my ear and get real dizzy. i dont know if all this could be related of not. but i also have a bleeding problem where i bleed all the time my nose bleeds last for a hour at a time and i have them every week and i have had my nose cauterized twice now. i have a period close to twenty days a month. like i said i dont know if any of this is related but my doctor doesnt know what is going on with me and i need some advice. can i maybe have cancer or a tumor that is not being seen cause it is hidden in my stomach. when i was little they did a test and said i had a brain tumor but then did a second test and the tumor was gone. im so confused with what all these doctors have been saying i feel like im just a big blob falling to pieces. i also see a black dot in my eye all the time. and im always tired and have no energy. do you know anything?
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First Helper queenie50

replied December 8th, 2010
have a large knot in middle toward right side in stomach, had a mri it showed 4 cm cyst on right kidney. dont know if its the knot i feel, i'm so worried, is 4 cm big? what do i need to do drs wants me to wait and see surgery.
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